Alesis Quadraverb Preset?

Electra One came today! So stoked to dive in when I have some time next week. Has anyone attempted a preset for the Quadraverb? Would be another awesome thing to move away from menu diving on…

Bump on this one

Hmm, you bumped …

< looking at my cards >

I fold


You’re gonna do it?!?! Absolute king.

You know what would be amazing? The ability to have a bunch of LFO’s or a slider as a mod wheel or something to modulate parameters of the quadra live.

No I fold as in “throw in my cards and quit the hand”.

I’m still in the middle of a studio reorg and rewire. It would be nice to eventually hear what this gear sounds like.

ah ok. totally understood. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Quadraverb, so out of curiosity I checked its service manual . Good news is that it is doable but not easy.
But it will be a tedious job, as typically for FX, each parameter has a different function, value type and range according to the chosen effect. Moreover I found no proof you could control each parameter independently in real time.

You better first check if existing patch editors allow for easy real time tweaking. If they can’t it rather points to a Sysex limitation from the device itself. If they can, that means I did not find the right Sysex docs.

But as for building such preset, I fold as well. Sorry about that.

I still have my Quadraverb, I can test, but I’m not that at ease building up a preset from scratch.

I assume you all have seen This QV site ?

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Yep, checked it

It’s a great unit but I end up using the midiverb II way more just due to ease…also midiverb II just sounds so good.

You can go rly far with midi controls of quadraverb but setting it all up is a menu diving timesuck.

Between my dp4 and two pcm 81’s and the editors available for those, partially thanks to the E1 and @oldgearguy 's incredible work, my quadra gets very little love compared to other flexible fx, highly editable racks that also have tons of mojo