An in-depth review in the June issue of SoundOnSound


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Great lines !!
Yes ,Electra One is impressive, i agree !


Awesome and well deserved!

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:heart_eyes: Congrats @martin ! :mirror_ball:

It’s great that they’ve included meaningful screenshots so that potential buyers can see what’s possible to do directly on the device.


Hi there everyone, I’m a new member here who just purchased the unit today and hope to have it arrive shortly. I actually had never heard of this device until I read the article mentioned here in SoundOnSound, and after doing a bit of research I decided to take the plunge.
Congrats on the article and I’m really, really interested in using this device. I might not be using it in the more traditional sense of controlling synthesizers so much as controlling MIDI-enabled effects pedals on a pedalboard.


The versatility of the Electra One is incredible. You will certainly be able to achieve whatever you aim to accomplish with the Electra One.

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So far, so good! I got the unit two days ago and was making presets yesterday. :slight_smile:

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