Any Korg DSS-1 users here?

I have an Xls file with all the Korg sysex charts… I can upload to my google drive.

I have a Korg DSS-1 preset ready, it is just waiting for the firmware update - the preset is using new virtual parameters and these will be supported in the upcoming release.

The preset implements the communication in both directions and it really makes it fun to work with that sampler/synth.

I expect the firmware go out some time next week.

A quick preview:

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one step ahead as usual! nice

The preset is available here:

Firmware 1.5 is required. Let me know if it works with your unit. I covered the synth parameters. Planning to work on the sampler section too. I think the presets makes DSS-1 very accessible :slight_smile:

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:facepunch: :facepunch: :call_me_hand:

does it work with your DSS? just curious…

yep just did a quick test tonight… so far everything seems to work

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I’m awaiting the next run of Electra Ones, so just looking at the moment. I have both a DSS-1 and DSM-1, will this editor work on both?

I do believe there are some notable differences in the voice architecture between DSS and DSM. I would expect that some adjustments of the preset will be required.

Happy to dive in once you are taking orders again. :wink:

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