Any Korg DSS-1 users here?

I have an Xls file with all the Korg sysex charts… I can upload to my google drive.

I have a Korg DSS-1 preset ready, it is just waiting for the firmware update - the preset is using new virtual parameters and these will be supported in the upcoming release.

The preset implements the communication in both directions and it really makes it fun to work with that sampler/synth.

I expect the firmware go out some time next week.

A quick preview:

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one step ahead as usual! nice

The preset is available here:

Firmware 1.5 is required. Let me know if it works with your unit. I covered the synth parameters. Planning to work on the sampler section too. I think the presets makes DSS-1 very accessible :slight_smile:

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does it work with your DSS? just curious…

yep just did a quick test tonight… so far everything seems to work

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I’m awaiting the next run of Electra Ones, so just looking at the moment. I have both a DSS-1 and DSM-1, will this editor work on both?

I do believe there are some notable differences in the voice architecture between DSS and DSM. I would expect that some adjustments of the preset will be required.

Happy to dive in once you are taking orders again. :wink:

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I’m new here and my E1 has not arrived yet, but I do have a Straylight upgraded DSS-1 and am looking forward to see if this preset will work with it… As well, although the memory is expanded now I still use my DSS-1 mainly as a synth… So, it would be great if there was some way of dealing with the sampling data as well… Apologies if there is already!

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Hi @eusti, welcome here! There is a DSS-1 preset that was made by me. It covers the synth part of the machine. I have not done the wave/sampling part. I do think, however, that it is worth doing at some point.

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Thank you @martin ! I seem to recall that the Straylight upgraded version behaves slightly differently in regards to the MIDI implementation… I wasn’t able to connect it to Midiquest any longer after the upgrade… Didn’t investigate though at that time… Will test your preset when my e1 arrives and report back! And am looking forward to see what can be done in regards to the wave / sampling part of that machine!

I don’t have a DSS1, but here ‘s what i found in the straylight download section on the dss1 retrofit: 6 bytes added per sound used to the Multisound Parameter Dump, and a changed definition for the existing Sound Start and Loop Start Address parameters. That’s not much, but enough to make that Dump unusable.

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Thank you @NewIgnis ! Appreciated!!! I hope someone can make more sense of that than me! :wink:

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@martin ; this issue spiked my attention. It seems the sysex message is variable in length, depending on the amount of soounds or samples in one multisound.

I know for a fact I will encounter variable sysex lengths as well when dealing with Yamaha SY77 / TG77 (not my next project though) . Is there still a way to use the parsing capabilities of the new patch editor? Or will we need to program everything in lua?

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@NewIgnis Off topic a bit, but glad you have the TG77 on the radar too. But glad to see that you are looking into this case for the Straylight upgraded DSS-1! :slight_smile:

Ok. My Electra 1 arrived yesterday and I just unpacked it and am trying to take it for a spin… It is indeed beautiful! Wow!

In regards to this preset and my Straylight upgraded DSS-1:
I’m getting a “MIDI DATA LOAD ERROR” when trying to engage “Play Mode”.
But when I switch away from the DSS-1 program (as in internal sound of the DSS-1) the E1 seems to communicate with my DSS-1. On the E1 global page I can use the “switch” command to switch (DSS-1) patches (at least between the first 32). But the patches do not sound. Even if I switch back to the original patch 1 it doesn’t produce sound any longer. Not sure if that helps to trouble shoot at all.

What I like about this preset is that it makes OSC MIX more powerful than on the instrument itself: You can select 200% maximum level now. (100% of each OSC instead of 100% of the sum of both OSCs.) I have seen this in patches before and felt it must have been done with external programming…
So thank you for that!

I’ll keep testing if I can get more to the bottom of what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you!

Ok. I think I am understanding a bit more now. Thank you.

Would that even make a difference right now? As I understand we are not dumping the multisound data at all, am I incorrect?

Edited as I seem not able to add more info otherwise:

Ok. I dove in and modified the original preset a bit:

Allowed for to select from up to 32 Multisounds for OSC 1 and 2.
And added more Programs as the upgraded version can load all 4 Systems into memory now (128 Programs).
For both of those it would be great if the names of the Multisounds and Programs could be read and displayed.

The earlier mentioned “MIDI LOAD ERROR” seems to just indicate that the DSS-1 is overwhelmed by MIDI messages…

Still, when I use E1s Switch command the DSS-1 the following seems to happen:

The DSS-1 goes into a lengthy period of “Loading… Please Wait a Minute”
(which seems strange as the System is already loaded into memory completely at this point) and then switches to a Program with often times the correct number, but not sounding correctly.
Only reloading the System from disk seems to correct that behavior.

Any pointers in regards how to proceed from here?

Thank you!