Theoretical Q: (FW 3) E1 Possible Use As Sample Editor?

Hi all,

Have been on the sidelines a bit lately as I want 3.0 to be established before working on more of my editors…

But this morning I was thinking: Would it be possible to use E1 (with FW 3 onwards) as not just an editor, but as well a sample editor for the older 80s era samplers? For instance the Mirage, the Akai S700 or the Korg DSS-1? Including sample edit and wave display and all… The size of the samples at that time was fairly small, so I’m wondering if that, in theory, should be possible…

Most likely far beyond my skill level, but I’m curious after all…


I am fighting with temptation to get Ensoniq Mirage and use Electra as a wave generator for quite some time. The sample memory is small enough to transfer the data between Electra and the sampler in reasonable time and Electra is powerful enough to do the job… but prices are too high and there is no time for playing with the gear :slight_smile:


Thanks for that, @martin. I was lucky enough to happen on a Mirage rack version that stopped working when I was about to pick it up… That really brought the price down to a more acceptable level… In any case I would love to explore those things more, but not sure I know enough to pull something like that off though…

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Just thinking further along the lines of the @martin said about wave form creation for the Mirage… Would be great to do that for the Akai S700 as it can be used as second oscillator for the Akai VX90… Then have those in one editor… That would be cool…

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I have an Ensoniq Mirage and created a template for Soundprocess OS.
I would like to create a template for the standard OS (masos) as well.
Long time ago I dubbed between a Korg DSM1 or the Mirage.
The Mirage sounds great. The nicest filters I have ever heard.
The downside is that its a pain in the ass to learn. It is the least user friendly synth/sampler I have ever used.
The definitely takes such device to the next level.

I love old samplers with filter.
Currently building 4 analog filters for the Casio SK1.
And was looking at the Prophet 2000 today.
But prices have gone up a lot.

@eusti do you still have your mirage and do you have Soundprocess OS ? Definitely try out the Electra One template for it.

I am trying to figure out how you can get your own samples in Soundprocess OS… such a pain :-0

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@Flyweight: Yes, I have downloaded your template, but not tried it yet. Looking very much forward to it though!

In regards to old samplers: Love the Mirage, the Korg DSS-1 and looking into integrating the Akai S700 as oscillator with the VX90. Or hopefully my - at the moment broken - S900 soon… Seems that some people in Poland are working on their own Aliasing Filter Defeat kit for that machine… I could see that opening things up nicely…

The Prophet 2002 is on the “want list” too, but at the moment I fear that it might be too hard to program… And I like that the DSS-1 has two OSCs per voice vs one with the 200x.

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