Korg Triton Rack and Kawai K5000R

Hi all!
Placed my order today and eagerly waiting for it to ship. While I sit and twiddle my thumbs, I wanted to begin a thread to see if there are any like-minded, like-synthed souls :slight_smile:. I am looking forward to building presets/instrument files for these two: Korg Triton Rack (mainly its EXB MOSS card) and Kawai K5000R. Anyone itching to try out these as well? Perhaps we could share ideas or build stuff together. Let me know here!

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I have a k5000s (which I wanna replace with a 5000r at some point, need space), so definitely interested! :blush:

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That’s awesome! As soon as I receive my Electra, I am hoping to dive right in to begin an instrument file :slight_smile:. Will put stuff in a git repo and share here. Was working on writing a software interface for the K5000 late last year using Juce framework and got basic sysex working. So, hoping I can translate that memory into this faster :slight_smile:.

Hi Shankar, welcome here! I have got K5000R and K5M.Will be happy to help with it.


Thanks, @martin. I look forward to chatting with you about this!

I have both of these synths. Quite happy there are many kindred spirits on the forum. I’m currently in the middle of programming a preset for my plg150an card in my Cs6r. After that I had thought about the Fs1r but I’m happy to take on the exb-moss board instead unless some else beats me to it.

I’m wondering what the go is testing? I’ve completed a preset for the various-8 which I quite like. The template has freed me from having to use the software. Do people just release the presets as instrument files and let other people report issues?

Welcome to the forum.

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I also have a FS1R :innocent:so interested in this as well :slight_smile:
I am currently trying to teach myself some python ( brought a Mackie C4 back to live for use with Live11 Mackie C4 project board) and after that want to tackle a knobkraft implementation for the K5000 and FS1R, because both are currently way underused (also because I got a Pulse+ for a Polivoks filter and and ARP Odyssee module in white)

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There is one thing to mention though. FS1R and K5000 are so complex that they might not fit in one preset due to memory constraints. We will see, there are definitely ways to get over that limitation.

Christof from Knobkraft is getting his Electra soon. I think interesting things might be happening in that area :slight_smile:


Yeah, at this point, it seems more of trying out and seeing if there are issues, which I am totally fine with. When you begin exb moss, please let me know. Eager to do that since I mainly want to use my Triton rack for physical modeling sounds.

Nice collection of synths! Would love to get my hands on an FS1R one day, although with an SY77 and a TX7 already with me, this will take me sometime :slight_smile:.
Didn’t know about knobcraft until now. Looks very interesting!

If we pick and choose what we want to do and fit those features within 12 pages, would we still run into any issues due to huge sysex sizes?

Nice collection of synths!

I got more synths :grin: (Kijimi, Andromeda, Prophet 12, MKS80, SE ATC-X, Alphabase, MS-1, TD3, RD8)

Would love to get my hands on an FS1R one day, although with an SY77 and a TX7 already with me, this will take me sometime

SY77 and TX7 are very nice!, the FS1R is, as I was saying, way underused because I’m not not into managing stuff on screens.

Didn’t know about knobcraft until now. Looks very interesting!

It’s fantastic! Plus Chris is as nice as Martin and the others here. Currently only the P12 and the Andromeda are supported of my synth, but more is coming and it’s actually the first time I am actively using a librarian.

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I am soooo looking forward to this! :slight_smile:

I just installed knobkraft and checked the list of supported synths. None of my synths are there :smiley:. Gotta fix that problem in one of two ways: either develop support for my synths or buy synths in that list :stuck_out_tongue:.

Received my E1. Lovely piece of hardware! Just tested with a quick program change button. Today is the big day when I begin planning for the first instrument. Toying between EXB MOSS and K5000. Choices, choices… :smile:


I can’t seem to find any sysex documentation for the exb moss. I’m wondering if it’s the same as the z1?

I have just been using the Triton rack documentation, which also covers exb moss: http://www.korg-datastorage.jp/Software/MIDIImp/TRITON_RACK.pdf

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@shankar thanks mate. That’s exactly it. Have you already started? If so I might start on something else.

Just started today. Doing a preset first, and then planning to convert it to eif using @thetechnobear’s script. Running into interesting questions like Show/hide or enable/disable controls/pages :) :slight_smile:. No idea about how long I will take though. Did you have any initial thoughts on how you were going to lay it out into pages? Since it has 13 oscillator types and 5-6 pages for filter, eq, amp, lfo etc., its a lot of content :slight_smile:.