Are you protecting your E1s with a cover?

I use protective covers for my music gear, from custom acrylic and felt to DIY sushi plate covers. :slight_smile: I’m not the most efficient dealing with dust in my studio and this is how I take care of these indefensive little beauties.

My E1 is still uncovered, and I was wondering whether anyone here with a similar urge has found ways to properly cover their E1s.


Working on it with a friend as we speak.
I need a little case to put in my bag, so maybe it’s not what you have in mind. But there will be a casing soon i hope :wink:


Very cool! Yeah, I just mean a cover for a sedentary E1 that hasn’t got any plans to leave the studio. :slight_smile:

Please share your progress. I’ll follow with interest regardless.

Yes i will, and for now there are a few plans. but after thinking about the options, first will be a simple cover, soo,… :wink:
We will share the files when ready.

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Considering how solid the back and sides of the E1 are, maybe a good cover and a thick rubber band is all you need for your trips. :slight_smile:

I use simple napkins to cover small devices. No need to stack them somewhere {hard covers are always in the way, aren’t they) when using the instruments and they can be washed.

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I know. Your answer is correct and very rational. For years I have covered my gear this way. But humans are so irrational, and once I got a proper transparent plastic deck for my first synth… there was no way back! :wink: Having my gear at sight while I work, that smooth friction putting and removing the perfectly fitting deck… :sweat_smile:

I know. Hard to resist, aren’t they? I have equipment with hard covers as well, and I love the fact the instruments remain visible. But now I find myself cleaning covers when not playing, and tripping over loose covers while playing… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I started making 0.1mm vinyl plastic covers for all my gear, very cheap per metre from local hardware store.
Use all weather tape to fold and fix the corners.

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That’s also a good idea, and in fact I used that same vinyl to protect… the old wooden table where my gear stands. I ended up removing it because I do like the touch of wood. I put the protection under some of the gear instead, hidden.

But yeah, I might try that. Thank you for the tip.

PS: seeing your meal next to the synths makes the covers all more sensible. :smiley:

yeah, I have a silicon cover for my computer keyboard as well.
The meal splats made a mess of my past keyboards :slight_smile:

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I used 0.1mm thick sheeting in most of my gear, but I did try 0.5mm, a lot more expensive.
Thicker and feels more protective but a bit harder to bend into shape.

It’s OK if the item your covering is relatively simple in shape, like a rectangular cuboid shape.
Maybe 0.3mm sheeting would be a nice inbetween

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Sorry, i had a lot of work, and my head was somewhere els :wink:
But fun to see, @CoolColJ, i made the same ‘jacked’ for my xox :wink: i used table sheet, transparant. Found at some shop.

For me i need a hard cover, just for travel. I take it in a bag with much other gear. At home, its naked :wink:

So, the first ‘demo’ now is a bit to tight. We will adjust it, and also maybe we can make a variation that’s a bit simplified?..,
Hope to get back soon with a good file or two

Ow and indeed room for some 0,3mm space for inlay/foam.

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I am posting this on @Tweakfreak behalf. This is the cover of E1 (will work for both mkI and mkII).

Koekie (885.5 KB)

I leave room here for @Tweakfreak to give us more instructions if needed. Thanks!


Thanks Martin!

We made a little ‘box’ around it, and inside there are some standoffs to keep it all protected and sturdy.
You can put foam (for instance mousepad foam) on the sides that will touch the E1 (versions with the 2mm and 3mm spacing)

There are 3 files and a .stp file in the zip
2 files have the spacing, a 2mm and a 3mm one , also a file without extra spacing. Just some so its not to tight.
I myself put a rubber band around it, maybe a later model, (*brainfart) there are also options to reprint the bottom and make a ‘click’ function on the case so it locks​:man_shrugging::wink:

Anyway i hope someone can also use this.

Thanks Martin, for the files, and getting it nicely zipped :wink:


@Tweakfreak Could you post some pix of what you did as it’s a bit tough to imagine it without! :slight_smile:

Hey Eusti,
Here is one from the inside, with the stands. They aline very nice!
And one of the outside, on the case there’s is now E1 above the screen. For orientation.


So on all the standoffs and/or sides there could be foam.

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Thank you @Tweakfreak ! Love it! Looks really nice! :slight_smile:

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