ASM Hydrasynth

Working on creating a preset for the Hydrasynth, but running into some issues with parameters using the same NRPN. It has remarks that I don’t understand or know what to do to make it that the parameter is set but doesn’t control any other parameters at the same time.

Also other parameters such as Semi or Cent. When I set the min/max display value of -50 and 50 it still doesn’t control both sides. It only does 0 to 50. I’ve tried all the settings for that, but can’t get it to work correctly. I’ve had other parameters when I set the min/max display it doesn’t work either.

Any assistance to help bring this preset to life would be appreciated.

I’m not at the house right now to take video or pictures of what I’m referring to with the min/max.

Here is the OSC CENT parameter. On the Hydrasynth it goes from -50 to 50. Looking at the information on the E1 Console -50 value is 8142 and +50 value is 50. If I do midi learn it says it goes from 0-8191. I’m not sure how to setup the min and max value for it to go from -50 to 50.

I’ve tried -50 min value, 50 max value, two’s complement and everything else and nothing seems to get it to work

Hydra Synth OSC Cent.pdf (83.6 KB)

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Downloaded the MIDI specs and looking at that. I must say the MIDI implementation is a bit weird. I do not like this combining of more values to one NRPN parameter.

Regarding the OSC1 CENT, I would try to set it up in the following way:

MIDI Min = 0
MIDI Max = 8192
Display Min = -50
Display Max = 50

it is just a wild guess based on the formula in the manual. Can you try it?

Thanks @martin for checking it out. I’m not a midi expert by any means and I just felt this was very odd for it to be this way. I’ll give this a try again when I get home. I may end up contacting them to see if they can assist with this as well.

@martin it seems the only way I can get both +/- values to work is by setting up 2 controls and I can’t use the display values because it makes it not work again. It’s a very weird setup. I sent them an email about it. Not sure if this is how it is for all negative and positive values, but I just tried with SEMI and the values go from 220-255 for negative and then 128-164 for positive so I’d have to use 2 knobs for that too.




It actually looks like two’s complement. I just made a test and it seems there might be something fishy in the 14bit / two’s complement implementation. Will review that in detail.

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Not much information was provided from support. I’ll wait to hear back from your review @martin.

while we are not familiar with this midi controller, we have used MAX as well as other NRPN controllers. we do not recommend the midi learn method of setting up controls. the VV and WW are the MSB and LSB. Shared NRPN tends to be ranges used for similar parameters such as oscillator mode selection between 3 oscillators, I can understand how that can be troublesome for midi learn though. For setting parameters I recommend manually inputing values as opposed to midi learn

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yeah, I agree with them - it is hard to learn messages that consist of multiple logical parameters, eg. tuning of 3 oscillators - It would be, however, more logical if hydra used three different NRPN parameters for it.

Anyways, Electra is rather strong and flexible in composing SysEx messages - users have control over each bit in the message. We will try to provide the same flexibility to other types of MIDI messages in the near future. For now, I must say it might be close to impossible to fully integrate Hydrasynth with NRPN messages :frowning:

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@martin Thank you. I can understand that part. So far I’m more worried about controlling one parameter that has negative and positive values such as cent with one knob. Those first 3 parameters in their midi implementation list I could do without. If I can’t get cent to work I’ll just continue to see how much I can finish.

I’m having other issues that I’m not sure if it’s related to their midi implementation or Electra. Such as display issues and not being able to use overlays on certain parameters. It continues to show the midi value even though I have overlays set up. When I get a chance I’ll upload some pictures.

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once I have your input I will check that out. Are you running 1.5 (regular release) or 1.5.1 (testing version)?

I’m running 1.5 regular release

Here is one instance where I set the overlay and it only shows the midi value info and then display errors of showing the midi value info. Once the knob is rotated close to the end it’s like the numbers get stuck out there. I included the preset file just in case you need it. Some parameters shows the midi values like Delay and Fade In for example and some don’t like Level. Is there a way to not show the midi value?

Preset File
Hydrasynth.epr (90.0 KB)

Perfect. I found the issue with the negative 14bit messages. Will provide fix for it later today.

Edit: sorry I wrote my reply when I saw just part of your previous message. I will include these two issues in the bug fix release. Thx for reporting!

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Thanks you @martin! Looking forward to it