Ideas for handling interval in Hydrasynth preset

I am working on a Hydrasynth preset. The MIDI implementation Hydrasynth uses for NRPN is the dumbest I’ve ever seen. To take an example. Parameter LFO 1 Rate 0.01 Hz reacts to all values ​​between 0 and 223. 0.02 Hz all values ​​between 224 and 543. This is the first 9 Hz values.

0-223 = 0.02 Hz
224-543 = 0.03 Hz
544-767 = 0.04 Hz
768-959 = 0.05 Hz
960-1087 = 0.06 Hz
1088-1215 = 0.07 Hz
1216-1343 = 0.08 Hz
1344-1439 = 0.09 Hz
1440-1535 = 0.10 Hz

The values ​​you need in an Electra option list in this case are the following:


It works fine but…

It causes problems when you want Electra to update an option list when you change a value directly on the Hydrasynth because Hydrasynth is sending many different values for the same Hz. In order to deal with it, I suggest that in the Electra option list you can enter an interval according to the picture.

It would also be great if you could enter the two NRPN values ​​directly without having to calculate what the value will be. MSB x 128 + LSB.

I have contacted ASM several times and asked for documentation for NRPN version 2. They do not want to give me that information. I have also heard from other developers that they are not helpful at all. The solution is Reverse-engineering. I’ve also heard that they encrypt their sysex dumps but it’s already cracked so why? It should be in their interest to help developers build editors etc for their products but ASM doesn’t.

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