Hoping to be notified when the next batch of E1's are ready to order

Couldn’t easily figure out how to make sure a notification comes my way when the next batch of Electra One’s are available to order. I’m hoping this might be a way! So please notify me when the next batch is ready to ship!

Very keen to acquire one of these units :grinning: do you know (roughly?) when the next batch may come on stream? Many thanks

Given the deafening silence from the E1 guys despite many requests on this forum for availability updates, I can only assume that the next batch is a long way off (months?)

Disappointing that we can’t just add our email addresses to a list and then forget about it. Instead, we have to remember to check the website regularly, not knowing if it’ll be available tomorrow, next year, or never :roll_eyes:

There is a different thread that ppl used for getting notified very long, but OP didn’t want to use search. Martin regulars posts updates there, when there is something new to tell. If you post there and have email notifications turned on, you don’t have to constantly check. Worked for many people before!

Thanks Uija. I assume you mean this thread:
Next batch ETA? - General discussion - Electra One Community

If so, it’s hidden for some reason (I think Martin said he didn’t want it to become the main thread in the forum, so he de-listed it?). It’s not easy to find for newcomers, and a hidden thread doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that it’ll be updated when new stock comes in.

Regardless, I registered my interest in that thread a couple of months back. So I can either hope that it’ll get updated and/or check the website regularly.

Either way, it’s not exactly a customer friendly way of dealing with it.

I know - first world problems, lol!

Edit: And there hasn’t been an availability update in that thread since Martin informed everyone it was out of stock back in May. So yeah, who knows?

Yes, that’s the thread. If it is hidden, then it explains, why it isn’t used anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think building hardware currently is something unpredictable. So many startups or small businesses struggle with their release plan, because electronic parts get either unavailable or very very expensive. Displays and Silicon (CPUs) are very affected by it. If you look around in the modular world, you can find lots of “We don’t know when we are back in stock”. This is due to shut down fabrications all over the world due to covid.
I am quite sure, that Martin would update everyone waiting on details, if he were able to. It would not surprise me, if Martin has a day job besides the fabrication and firmware development of the E1.

Keep in mind, that E1 is a very small company, and don’t compare them with the big players out there. If we would do so, E1 would lack of features, be all plastic and the last firmware update would have bin 2018 :wink:


hi guys, just a quick update. I injured my right arm on inline skates last week and had it fixed in a harness. Hard to work on computer and type. I hoping to become productive later this week. Thanks to @Uija for explaining everything. he wrote it better than I would do :slight_smile:


Get well soon! Hope it is fixable!

Really sorry to hear that Martin. Hope you recover quickly.

And yes, I totally understand that E1 is a very small company and there are global manufacturing difficulties atm.

Just saying that “We don’t know when they’ll be back in stock” and/or “Add your email to this list to get notified when they are” would be less frustrating to potential customers than silence.

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We all hope you heal safely man!

So sorry to hear that, Martin. Get well soon!

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perhaps a more general ‘newsletter’ mailing list could be created?

could be useful for annoucing not only new stock, but also firmware releases (for those not coming back to the forum regularly)

I don’t know how easy it is to setup and manage mailings lists these days (for small companies), since there are certain legal requirements these days , things like GDPR and unsubscribing.

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a quick update on the upcoming batch:

some things go very well and some are harder :slight_smile:

The parts are being manufactured already. The LCD assembly was improved by outsourcing that part to a specialized company. Plastic parts have a few improvements as well as does the packing. That was the bright side.

The bad part is that we are on the waiting list for the video ICs and there has been also changes regarding the bootloader chip we use. This might result in delay in delivery of the PCBs.

Currently, it is fairly safe to say, unless something unexpected happens, that we will be able to cover our waiting list in late August / early September by making an extra smaller batch. Parts are sourced for that. And having a bigger batch shortly after that (depending on the delivery of parts mentioned above). We would love to have the bigger batch ready before the Superbooth, but maybe it is too optimistic…

And yes, we will be at the Superbooth :slight_smile:


Will definitely meet up with you there! :blush:

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Thanks for the update :smiley:

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Very interested in this controller as well, hoping to get news about the next batch soon!

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Can’t wait to get one! Hope that you’ll have enough units in the next batch to cover the existing demand.
I would like to get the notification too if possible :slight_smile:

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Any possibility we can convince you to come to Anaheim in January? :wink:

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Hoping to have my name/email added to the list for when these are back in stock. Thanks so much.

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