New website and firmware released

Hi everybody,

as you can see today is a big day for us :slight_smile:

We decided to launch Electra sales along with our brand new website and releasing a new version of the firmware.


The firmware reflects many ideas we collected in the past 12 months. It also addresses and resolves the issues you reported. The major change here is that we decided to change the format of the preset files. The new format allows us to create presets with multi-value controls, support all types of MIDI messages, handle SysEx messages of unlimited length, and many more. Once you update your firmware, your current presets will not be available. They need to be converted to the new format first- To do so, we developed a new tool where your presets can be uploaded, converted, edited, and shared between the users. We put extra effort into the sharing feature because we felt that using github and forum is far from being optimal. After you update your firmware, please follow the steps described at our Quick Start Guide to get your new Electra account and editor working. The new firmware can be downloaded from Downloads page on the website.


We tested the firmware a lot, and we asked some of you to test it with us. We consider the firmware stable, but still, some issues may appear. If you noticed anything, let us know on the forum. Special thanks for testing go to @S_L_L, @jigdagod, @razmusen, @markus.schloesser, @xiizoo, and @RobinC.

If you run into any serious troubles with the new firmware, you may always revert to the previous version of the firmware. Your original presets will be available again and nothing will be lost. You may switch between the old and new version of the firmware as you wish. The only restriction is that the new version works with the Preset editor at while the older version requires Will provide support for the original firmware for some time.


Last but not least, we put our energy and time into writing proper documentation too. It is available on the website - Documentation. The documentation will be kept up-to-date as we bring new features, to provide a good reference for working with Electra.


Martin, Tomas, and Zdenek

Electra One team


This is excellent work! Really impressed.

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Looking really good guys, congratulations

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Thank you all. I totally <3 Electra One.
Your labour is excellent

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Very cool, really curious to check it out.

Great! Thanks to all of you for the positive feedback. I am quite sure that you will find some issues there too. Please keep reporting them, that’s the way to make it stable.

Also, I would like to encourage all of you to share your presets with others - by marking presets as Public - it would be handy for all of us and we could also inspire each other in how to make and organize layouts of presets.

I was rather busy with work on the firmware in past few months. In near future, however, I want to spent more time on working on presets for my gear and I will definitely share them with you :slight_smile:

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Great news !
Are the controls from version 2 (not here anymore ?) are included ? Like ENV, macro etc ?


The new firmware fully supports all control types described in version 2 format of the presets. It also supports almost all type of midi messages and the flexible grid, ie. controls can be have different sizes and are not restricted to the 6x6 grid.

The preset editor uses the new format but does not support all new features yet. Tomas will be adding it to the editor in near future. We will also publish a extra documentaion and example files to encourage other programmers to develop their own tools. There are a few people on this forum who tested the new controls and they were very happy with it :slight_smile:

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You mean its going to be possible to develop our own tools (controls etc) ?

It would be helpful if we could attach additional files to presets on the new app.elektra page.
E.G. my Diva preset only makes sense, if the Diva mapping (via a txt file) is identical to the one I am using. So I would like to upload that to the preset. Notwithstanding the DAW specific mapping, of course.

It will be possible to create presets with external tools. In terms of controls you will still be restricted to using control types defined by the version 2 format. I can imagine that in the future we might allow the developers to even create their own controls. I will be kind of playing abound with this with @thetechnobear for his cool projects.

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Good point. @jigdagod already requested that during the testing. Next to the description, the preset detail will be extended with text for instructions and a possibility to upload extra files.

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