Firmware 3.0 and Electra App update

We haven’t had this for a while…

A new version of the web editor has just been released. There are many improvements almost everywhere in the system. The goal was to make the app more user friendly and make it easier to work with both - the editor and the controller. The essentials stay the same, there is no revolution. I am in the process of updating the documentation and the website. Updates will go out shortly.

In order to get the most out of the new editor, an update of the controller firmware is required. The firmware 3.0 unlocks many new features. The update can be done directly in the web app. In case that anybody had problems with that - the firmware file is available on the Downloads page.

Great amount of time has been spent on testing and quite some of you participated on testing. I cannot guarantee, however, that some issues will not pop up. If you encounter problems, please reach me here on the forum or by email.

I would like to say thank you to all who participated on the development of 3.0. Special thanks goes to @NewIgnis, @oldgearguy, and @jhh deserves zillion of thumbs up for his work on the Ableton script.

Firmware 3.0 is a foundation for many new things that were simply not possible on earlier version. I will keep working on ideas that are discussed here on the forum and I will keep hunting bugs.


great! been waiting for this. Will make sure all my templates work and update them. Thanks Martin


Thank you, @martin! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @martin ! We’ll soon be delivering some updated presets.

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Thanks @martin for the heroic effort!

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:joy: Lol, the whole Controller and the way you made this little baby IS a revolution . Thanks so mutch to you and all the talented guys who worked on this wounderfull E1 . Thanks for this forum full of great people ! And Thanks so mutch for this awesome update !

Time to playyyyyy !!! :wink: :heart_eyes: :christmas_tree: :gift:


…SO EXCITED !!! THANKS !!! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Haha !! :sweat_smile:
I had an issue . I would know how to force the firmware update (i guess as i read a lot on the forum)
Still i would love to know why it does not work in the straight forward way . Does it do that for you guys ?

Then first step :

Then i click on update

the second step :

I click on update

Here the windows make the usb disconnect sound a new window appear really fast and disappear as fast

then the windows connect sound again followed by

here i click “annuler” (“cancel” in english)

The force firmware appears but the electra is not recognized anymore

then i click on “select ports manually”

And there are no midi port to select .
I didn’t get further (i could)
Still i disconnect the E1 and reconnect it and it work again :grin:

You must allow the connection to the bootloader (Appareil inconnu 16C0:0478), ie. click on the “Appareil inconnu 16C0:0478” and then confirm with “Connexion”.

You cannot see the ports as your unit is in the firmware update mode. By cancelling the bootloader connection, you leave your controller in the update mode but the new firmware cannot be transferred to it.


HAHA !!! I AM SO DUMB !!! Thanks !!! Ohhh sooooo lovely new coloooorrs!!! THAAAANKKKSSS !!!
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin: :joy: :tada:

no problem at all. I can see you have 3.0 running now. great!

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on the regular site , pressing the APP & PRESETS on top of screen isn’t reacting

The one at the bottom is working:

But it brings us to the wrong update screen:

If I’d press the ‘Update Firmware’ here, it will downgrade the E1 from version V3 to version V2

Further more the ‘regular’ electra one is showing the old web editor as well.

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hmm, that is strange. I just checked that and I do not get any of the screen issues you posted. Also the “regular” electra one website does not look ok on your screenshots? It is an older version. Try to hard-reload your browser cache.


yep that helped

small cosmetic thing : the controls in the preview do not match yet with the new control possibilities





I know. It is on my todo list for coming days.


first FW3 preset published ! :tada:
finally a Summit/Peak preset that can work around the CC38 bug inherent to those synths. Wasn’t possible without Martin’s new firmware. :smile:

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which app “must” be used? the beta or the “standard” one? or does it not matter? I don’t see any difference at the moment

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always use for working with electra. is testing environment that should be used only (and only) for testing. By using beta you accept the risk of losing or breaking your data. The idea is that users who are willing to take that risk help me to test and fine tune new features before they go to the production (ie.

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