Bi-directional Control of Ambika / Shruthi with NPRN?

Hej community,

I just started to grab my head around the Electra One and want to build presets for my Ambika and Shruthi that work bi-directional with NPRN and in the long run get all values on preset changes on my synths and also change the presets from the Electra…

I first run into a problem with the implementation of negative NPRN values in the Ambika/Shruthi. I can send negative values via NPRN to the Ambika with this configuration:

But I cannot get negative values from the Ambika to the Electra… It jumps to max positive = 24 when dailing in negative values…

Here is the way NPRN it is implemented according to the manual:

I’m a newbie in this kind of midi programming… so any hint/help how to tackle this is very welcome :slight_smile:

@martin Is there a plan to make the NPRN module in the editor more flexible for this kind of quirks?
Is there a way to insert custom code just for this without going in the whole developer route on instrument files etc. :sweat_smile:

At the moment I will just use the CC controls of the Electra One in tandem with the splendid Ambika and Shruthi VST editors by IXOS: GitHub - Ixox/Shruthi-And-Ambika-Editors: Software editor for the Shruthi and Ambika synths (macOS / Windows / VST / AU / Standalone)

But it would be great to have less middle man software.

Thank you for taking time to read and answer,

Just some more info:
This is the midi input from the Ambika to the Electra for changing the OSC Range from 0 to -1:

The Electra shows +24 for every received negative value…

I found the solution on the Electra by switching the NRPNs to “Sing Mode: Two’s complement” and “Bit With:8”. Now every parameter can be bi-directional :slight_smile:

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Hi. I just got my Electra One and am trying to link it to my Ambika using your preset. Thanks for your hard work. I’m a tad new to this and am having some issues. At the moment I am having an issue with the Electra freezing when it sends its first messages to the Ambika. I’m pretty sure I have it connected properly. Maybe I’ve missed a few things. Any helps would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hey monkeyman, thanks for trying out the preset!

Just tested - I have no problems with freezing on the Electra with firmware 2.1.6…

I have connected the Electra to the Ambika via Ableton (one track from Electra to Ambika and another from Ambika to Electra)… On the Ambika I set Input to all “. . . .” and Output to “cont” so only the controls are send back to the Ambika. I have the latest YAM firmware on the Ambika.

On the Electra all input is going/coming on Midi Channel 1. Maybe you watch with a Midi Monitor (mac) if any other Midi channels recieve the Ambika and Electra output and send it back to the Electra so that you have a midi loop? The easiest way to try if the preset works is to connect the Ambika directly to the Electra and use the USB only for power…

Hope you get it to work :slight_smile: