Bi-directional Control of Ambika / Shruthi with NPRN?

Hej community,

I just started to grab my head around the Electra One and want to build presets for my Ambika and Shruthi that work bi-directional with NPRN and in the long run get all values on preset changes on my synths and also change the presets from the Electra…

I first run into a problem with the implementation of negative NPRN values in the Ambika/Shruthi. I can send negative values via NPRN to the Ambika with this configuration:

But I cannot get negative values from the Ambika to the Electra… It jumps to max positive = 24 when dailing in negative values…

Here is the way NPRN it is implemented according to the manual:

I’m a newbie in this kind of midi programming… so any hint/help how to tackle this is very welcome :slight_smile:

@martin Is there a plan to make the NPRN module in the editor more flexible for this kind of quirks?
Is there a way to insert custom code just for this without going in the whole developer route on instrument files etc. :sweat_smile:

At the moment I will just use the CC controls of the Electra One in tandem with the splendid Ambika and Shruthi VST editors by IXOS: GitHub - Ixox/Shruthi-And-Ambika-Editors: Software editor for the Shruthi and Ambika synths (macOS / Windows / VST / AU / Standalone)

But it would be great to have less middle man software.

Thank you for taking time to read and answer,

Just some more info:
This is the midi input from the Ambika to the Electra for changing the OSC Range from 0 to -1:

The Electra shows +24 for every received negative value…

I found the solution on the Electra by switching the NRPNs to “Sing Mode: Two’s complement” and “Bit With:8”. Now every parameter can be bi-directional :slight_smile:

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