[Preset] Ambika: YAM Firmware + bidirectional feedback. Patch request possible?

Building on top of the Ambika presets of Bohdan and Martin, I switched the controls to NRPNs to have bidirectional feedback with the Ambika.

I also corrected some parameter ranges and list entries and added the YAM firmware oscillator shapes and filter options. The filter switch is gone, because I only have the lp filter in my hardware unit.

Here is the link to the preset

The next logical step would be to get the sysex parameter dump from the Ambika to the Electra but my coding and sysex knowledge is far too limited for this - even with some patch dump tutorials for the electra. If anyone has an Ambika and more knowledge Iā€™m happy to cooperate!

The software editor from IXOS can do it (pull and push) and is also open source. And I found some code file on the patch structure. Maybe we could even ask Mutable Instruments to get a sysex table, if necessary.

With getting the patch parameters also other parts like the modulation matrix and sequencer would make more sense on the Electra. The NRPNs for that can be found with the IXOS editor too.

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