[Preset] Ambika: YAM Firmware + bidirectional feedback. Patch request possible?

Building on top of the Ambika presets of Bohdan and Martin, I switched the controls to NRPNs to have bidirectional feedback with the Ambika.

I also corrected some parameter ranges and list entries and added the YAM firmware oscillator shapes and filter options. The filter switch is gone, because I only have the lp filter in my hardware unit.

Here is the link to the preset

The next logical step would be to get the sysex parameter dump from the Ambika to the Electra but my coding and sysex knowledge is far too limited for this - even with some patch dump tutorials for the electra. If anyone has an Ambika and more knowledge I’m happy to cooperate!

The software editor from IXOS can do it (pull and push) and is also open source. And I found some code file on the patch structure. Maybe we could even ask Mutable Instruments to get a sysex table, if necessary.

With getting the patch parameters also other parts like the modulation matrix and sequencer would make more sense on the Electra. The NRPNs for that can be found with the IXOS editor too.

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I updated the Ambika preset thanks to Martin’s new editor with patch parsing :partying_face:
The whole mod matrix is now also available.

The same goes for the Shruthi preset.

Two areas of controls on the Ambika are not recognized by the Patch Editor till now: The Parts section and the Arp/Step section… These require multiple SysEx requests in the Patch Editor which I still have to find out how to implement.

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I had a look at the SysEx command for the part and sequencer data…

The problem is that the Ambika sends multiple SysEx dumps to the Electra:

  • Patch Dump
  • Part1 Dump
  • Part2 Dump
  • …
  • Part6 Dump
  • Seq Dump

It seems not possible for now to handle more than one dump per command via the Patch Editor. As I’m not into LUA this functionality has to wait…

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The visual sysex editor currently supports parsing one patch dump response in time currently. I am planning to extend this later on. One of the biggest challenges with that is to make the UI so that it is easy to understand what is happening. My time is still limited, I am finishing a new way of saving projects and work is being done on managing snapshots in the web editor. When these are done, I will most likely return to working on the sysex parser.


Thanks for the update Martin! Looking forward to see the editor grow to stunning heights :heart:

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I too ran into the “receive multiple sysex dumps” issue. What I see is the device (Modor NF-1) sends 3 small sysex strings (64 bytes, 64 bytes, 45 bytes) and inside the Electra One I receive 32, 32, 45 bytes as 3 separate responses. So it seems that a second incoming sysex start (0xF0) interrupts the first and causes truncation)

Using LUA to do the receiving)

My experience (in order to be complete) is different: When the reply apparently is containing more than 256 bytes (without intermediate F0/F7) is seem to run into the same issue. So probably there may be more than one cause to this. For all clarity I’m referring to other synths…

How about this? If we had a patch.onReceiveMulti() which was like the original, but with an additional parameter specifying the number of complete sysex messages to expect.

I am ok with receiving either one large buffer with them all together (since we can find the F0, F7 easily) or an array of buffers with the messages separated.


Or the possibility in the patch editor to say in the midilearn status which chunk or 255 bytes you want to see visualised. The first, the second etc… but also a chunk starting halfway at f.i byte 128 or starting at byte 384 to allow working with overlapping values

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