Ambika Yam preset freezing my Electra [Resolved]

Hey all, Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue. The Ambika Yam preset freezing my Electra. As soon as I move a knob on the Electra it changes values for a second and then it freezes up the Electra.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


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Hi @monkeyman,

it sounds like possible loop. Please try to disconnect Ambika from your E1. When disconnected, twist the knobs. That is to make sure that there is no freeze that would be caused by the preset. If that works, I would review MIDI settings on Ambika. Also, observing the log files with ElectraOne Console app can provide some pointers on what is happening.




Here are my Electra + Ambika settings…

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Thanks. I’ve tried that. The preset doesnt freeze on the Electra once its disconnected from the Ambika. I’ll try figure out the midi settings on my Ambika. I

Thanks so much for the detailed info. I changed the midi settings on my Ambika and my Electra no longer freezes. Perfect. This was totally confusing me. The Ambika can be a little tricky to fine some things as many are hidden in multiple window.
Cheers for reaching out.