Bitwig Integration

That fixed it, and now it works brilliantly. I ended up setting it to 12 pages which covers quite a few controls even on a larger synth. No bugs to report at this point. By the way if you configure the Electra not to change focus on tap you can leave it focused on the top row and never have to toggle back and forth between rows. Makes it very convenient.


Brilliant @axelf ! :smiley:


Some improvements, Windows port naming and some settings handling.

v1.06 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:


Some rather nice enhancements, like 12 sends per track.
And as always, high-res, bi-derectional, and with labels (and colors).

v1.10 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:


This is really impressive!

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Great update! Sends are working very well and very nice to have. Many thanks.

Minor bug report: sometimes I get “phantom” parameters named “Parameter #3” or “Parameter #4” on devices with no remote control page. They often disappear when I change the focus on the E1.

Would be very nice to be able to somehow set the visual scale for controls (e.g. on a gain control, show the amount in db).

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Some better caching of control state, so after starting, or changing Electra One presets, it should better reflect actual state.

@axelf Could you check if this resolves your phantom parameters?

v1.11 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:

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@joris.roling oddly enough it’s made it… worse, but more consistent!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select a plugin which has some remote controls configured
  2. Select another plugin

→ the pages buttons all disappear, but several phantom parameters appear named “Parameter #1”, “Parameter #2”, “Parameter #3”… up to a maximum of the number of parameters which were previously legitimately showing. For example if I select a device with 4 remotes configured, then a device with none, I will see 4 phantom parameters.

I’ve tried removing and re-adding the device in the bitwig controllers prefs, and also resent the latest version of the preset from

Hope this helps! Sorry for a bit of a slow feedback cycle!

Hi @axelf,

Let’s try to solve this. What FW version of the Electra One are you on?

@joris.roling FW 2.1.0, HW 2.3.0

Bitwig 4.05

@axelf Hmmm, that seems like my setup. So that’s not the problem.

Do you know the “Show Control Script Conrol” button? (right panel in Studio I/O tab, at the bottom)
Does it state “Electra One Control v1.11 initialized!”?

And you sayd you did load the latest “Bitwig Control” preset on your Electra One?
Did you setup the control script in Bitwig as follows:

for Mac

  • (in) Electra Controller Electra Port 1
  • (in) Electra Controller Electra CTRL
  • (out) Electra Controller Electra Port 1
  • (out) Electra Controller Electra CTRL

for Windows

  • (in) Electra Controller
  • (in) MIDIIN3 (Electra Controller)
  • (out) Electra Controller
  • (out) MIDIOUT3 (Electra Controller)

Support for Electra One firmware v2.1.2 + fixes

v1.13 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:

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Hi @joris.roling . I missed your reply! Thanks for working through this with me - hopefully it’ll help others too.

“Does it state “Electra One Control v1.11 initialized!”?” → Yes
“And you sayd you did load the latest “Bitwig Control” preset on your Electra One?” → Yes
Controller IO setup (mac) → Yes, exactly like that

And now I upgraded to the new version and it works perfectly! Also gave me a nice notice to upgrade the E1 firmware as I didn’t do that first (I see it includes an update to support your extension).

Now for the never-ending feature requests: I wish we had a few more buttons instead of all 12 sends. Enable/disable the current device, up and down track, back and forth devices on this track… Sorry, can’t resist asking :slight_smile:

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@axelf Good to hear it is working for you now. Thanks for letting me know.

About your feature requests, I could easily do it, had it before, but ditched it in favour of many sends (someone wanted that). I might reconsider that, maybe on a second page (with the same remote controls, but with less sends, and more track/device navigation. record/play/stop etc.)

No promises, but I’ll give it a thought.


Well if you want to cover both, the top-left button (currently shows active page name) could take you to a “devices” page with the top 4 rows of the screen being track buttons, and selecting a track could show a list of the devices in the bottom 2 rows… Clicking that could take you back to the device page we have now.

You’d have fast access to 22 tracks tracks plus paging, and 10 devices for each (plus paging). Then you don’t really need the next/prev track and device buttons so much as you have 2-taps to another device on this track, and 3 to any device on any track.