Bitwig Integration

yes & yes
The remote page follows whatever you selected. Same goes for the sends (bottom of screen).
It’s very cool :blush:

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If anyone is interested I’ve made my first version of a VST-controller for Bitwig and Electra One.
You can go get it from GitHub, and let me know if you have any inputs or comments


Took me a while to find the time to try it out but I just did and it’s a great start! The values in the plugin are synced with the E1 and the knobs and buttons are all working fine. There are no labels on the bars (presumably not implemented yet?) which makes it a bit impractical, but otherwise it’s totally useable.

Requests for next version(s):

  1. Send device & parameter names
  2. Hide unused controls
  3. I know this is “draw the rest of the ****ing owl”: Allow us to customise the layout per plugin (ideally it would be nice if we could use the E1 preset browser for this, but I know that’s a different level of configuration). Maybe there’s a way to extract a page from the preset editor and convert it to the format used in your config files?

Once we get here, users could contribute layouts for various devices as PRs and we could turn this into a device with preconfigured support for 100s of plugins!

I’m happy you got time to try it out. Thank you for the feedback, I’m happy to take suggestions and requests to make it ‘a real thing’.
It should already send the parameter and device names, but you have to set it up. Or try one of the plugins I already configured.
Did you follow the instructions in the github Readme?
What is your operating system and are you on bitwig 4.2?
I also made it so that if you select a device that is not mapped it should send the names of the remote controls for that device/preset.
Should also work with bitwig devices.

And yes, hiding unused slots is definitely a good idea, and is planned.

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@andersskibsted Please take my requests in the spirit they are intended - that of appreciation and no entitlement whatsoever of course! Glad if they are helpful.

Yes I followed the instructions and the mapping is actually working (tested on pro-c2 and pro-mb) but no parameter/device names are coming through for either. I copied the device IDs from Bitwig and they match the ones in your config file.

OS is Monterey 12.13.1 and Bitwig is v4.2.2 .

Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide to help.

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That is excactly the way I understood them, and I’m happy you are interested.
So I realised that the preset doesn’t contain the lua-script for the E1.
I’ve uploaded the lua-script to the github. You just need to use the app to put in the lua-script before uploading to the E1. Then you should get names on your parameters and device name.
Hiding unused parameters should be trivial, so I’ll do it as soon as I have some spare time for it.

Concerning the third point of your requests: It’s a great idea, and I agree it would be cool if we could get a library of plugin-mappings up. I don’t excactly know how to do it, but I’ll look into it.

I found the updated instructions in the github repo but no sign of the lua file? Perhaps it got missed in the commit?

Ah yes, forgot to push the changes in my repo. A bit new to github, but it should be there now.

Yep, there now and now the param and device names come through too!

I also appreciate the way the default macros show for devices without a mapping entry.

For me this is a total game-changer when it comes to using the E1 for creating music!

I’m glad you like it.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the last page is used for inserting devices in bitwig. The devices you have mapped can also be inserted using the E1. The names should come through as well, and you can select which order you want them in the controller setup in bitwig

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Hi Joris, thank you for the dynamic Bitwig present and the option to deactivate 14bit high res in “Electra One.control.js”

I like less tuning on the knob better than the high resolution. It seems the way on the encoders is just doubled by 14bit. Setting “const highRes = false” in the .js and changing the controls to 7bit in the electra preset did the trick for me :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if some high res acceleration could be done to have both: fast turn progress and details if needed.

Cheers from Berlin!

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Hi @ studiobischof,

Happy you are enjoying the Bitwig preset, I’m a big user of it myself.
I do see what you mean, and found that I use the Bitwig preset + Elecra One as is a lot for fine-tuning. For the coarse tweeks I use my APC40 a lot, as they are indeed just 7-bit.

The ‘problem’ is that Electra One need to be set to 0-16838 to actually send 14-bit (precise) data. What could be a solution is a second page in the preset with 7-bit controls only, and a switch in the Bitwig Control Script.

What do you think… (if you like it, I could easily do that)


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Hej Joris, yes, great idea! I also tried the second “7bit Page” but did not know how to implement both :exploding_head: I think that would help to go from fine to fast turning.
I will use the other blank pages for my synth CCs and maybe some special vst mappings.

P.S. I just started my Bitwig journey and man, what a real treat all that modulation and UX and track and device deactivation stuff is. I use an extra keyboard numpad for fast navigation (up/down/left/right) between track and device view and switching tracks and devices on and off to test FXs and save CPU. Works great in conjunction with your electra preset to control the focussed parameters and sends!


I’ll will work on it this evening, will report back about it’s progress…

P.S. Yes, Bitwig is great. Nice flow you have there.

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I’ve updated the preset to have two pages “Precise” & “Fast”. The second one (Fast) is new, and the one (I think) you wanted.But you can have both this way (just choose the appropriate page on Electra One)

It needs an updated Control Script. Please update that one as well (backup your modified version first!)

So please have a go at it, and tell me what you think of it.


Thanks for your time spend on this, Joris!

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No problem, let me know how it works out for you.

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Working good here :slight_smile:


Hej @joris.roling, just an idea:

I want to use the Electra as a mixing console where all volume faders (plus master) are mapped to the 12 knobs in all three sections. Maybe sends on the other pages…That would be a compact 36 motorfader substitude :slight_smile: I don‘t want to spend money and desk space on real motorfaders and I don‘t like to use open stage control via touch that much - the tactile is still missing.

I can of course map them manually for a project but if you are thinking about building up your automatic preset further, that could be a nice addition on the next pages and a good use case for high precision turning.

Hi @studiobischof,

Yep, that could be done, I’ll give it a thought.
Could also do all the tracj stuff (mute solo record), and main transport. Never personaly had the need, as I have an APC40 doing that just fine, but I understand there could be a use for it.

Thanks for the suggestion.