Bitwig Integration

  • Precise & Fast pages
  • Device & Page navigation

v1.19 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:


Yes, I thought about solo/mute switches in the middle section with the referring volume sliders in the upper and bottom section… maybe rec/mute/solo on different pages. Thanks for for considering and the new version 1.19 :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Next & Previous Track (green)
  • Toggle Device On/Off (purple)
  • Mixer Page

v1.21 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:


Thank you so much, Joris :slightly_smiling_face:
I will use this preset together with another midi button device for switching the solos and mutes of all channels.
Update: Just tried to upload the preset with the mixer page to the Electra, but it’s not on github or on the Electra preset library?

My Bad, I forgot to make the Preset public. I just did, have a look!
It was however already on Github, just checked.

Anyway, try again. Let me know how it works out for you.

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  • Fix initialy invisible Device Pads

v1.22 Bitwig Control for Electra One

Enjoy! :heart:

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Just tested it - works flawless and even with the bitwig names and track colors. Thanks again Joris :smiley:

(I just noticed that the new buttons on page one for Device/Page/Track are not responding fast after the first press… But thats a Electra touch problem I think?)

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The ‘real’ track colours will come when @martin releases the firmware that allows for true RGB (coming). Until then we’ll have to settle for yellow (and some).

Glad you like it, as matter of fact, I like it myself better then expected (due to names & bi-directionallity)


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I’ll check about the speed of those new buttons. Could also be Bitwig handling those operation slowly.

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I think if you can imagine a life without faders the encoders of the Electra are really nice for mixing by ear and you have enough tracks on one page :slight_smile:

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Hi Joris, I use your Bitwig preset now regulary next to some of my custom midi mappings on Electra MIDI port 2, that you left out… I now run into a problem of getting jittery bidirectional feedback and perhaps you can give me a hint:

I saw that you must have had the same jitter problem and found a solution? Would it be possible to use your electra preset and script with custom pages on MIDI port 1 (+2) and smooth bidirectional feedback?

Thanks for your time again!

Update: I got the modified BCR2000 script working - just had to add the control.js to the file - and now have smooth bidirectional feedback on MIDI port 2 :partying_face: So take my question just as a possible feature for future versions :wink:

Hi Björn,

I can imagine the issue, but did not yet encounter it myself. I would be glad to help here.

What, in essence, is the solution to this jitter problem, in your opinion?
Halting incoming changes (from either side: Bitwig or Electra One), until the series of successive changes (you turning a knob) has stopped (based on time)?


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Yes, that modification seems to do the trick! I’m beginner coder - so I do not understand the .js code atm.
The author of the controller script that works states:

It had an issue with parameter value feedback loop - when tweaking an encoder on BCR2000, Bitwig was sending back a slightly different value to the controller resulting in jitter and sluggish value change. The modified version is ignoring the value coming from Bitwig as long as you’re still changing it on the controller.

Yes, that is what I suggested and will do the trick I think (hope).

I see it (your modified BCR2000 script) uses the concept of host.scheduleTask to see if the new value is younger than 50 ms, and if so, ignores it. Crude, but may work.

I will have a go at it this evening (I hope :wink:).

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Yes, it works now smoothly! I forgot to add .controller.js to the file to see it in bitwig… and the Electra reflects changing presets in the VST immediately :heart:

Hi Björn, do you care to share it?

Of course! It’s all here with my Bitwig project file: Super 8
Super 8 is really nice (and on a bundle sale for 50€ at Plugin Boutique atm).

As it is a VST3, @andersskibsted controller script should work too…


Hej Joris (@joris.roling),
I just upgraded to Electra FW3 and your newest Bitwig preset (1.26) :slight_smile:
But I have a new problem now: Your Bitwig script deletes controllers in my other presets while I use them next to your preset in an Electra bank. Seems to happen when there is some communication between the script and the active Electra preset. If I turn the script off in Bitwig it’s all good. I had no problem using your preset next to my others in FW2.

Greetings from Berlin,

P.S.: Still like the ease and precision of your script vs. the Moss Bitwig preset

@studiobischof Thanks for your kind words.

I didn’t check with FW3 yet, will do soon.

The script & driver use the first 3 pages, and yes, it toggles the control on and off by SysEx (from the driver). Did you maybe move these pages to a different positions? That would explain it. Or maybe the SysEx it uses has a new behaviour? Or the controll ‘addressing’ has changed? If so, @martin could you chime in?

Hej Joris, thank your for the fast answer! I just checked - indeed the first three pages of every other preset I load are “updated” and the original controls disappear. The fourth page etc. is not touched.

I did not add any pages to you preset, just used other presets in the bank… In FW2 there was nothing altered by your script communication.

Maybe there is just a little change to do to restrict your script to the right preset in FW3…