Button display seems off. Was it always like this?

I have just revisited one of my own presets and am a bit surprised how the simple on/off buttons are displaying now. Off looks fine, but On doesn’t light up the whole button. That seems to be incorrect, no?
See attached image: Top left is button switched on, other three are off. This looks more like a display for a lower percentage number / slider position to me.

It was a change and that’s what it looks like now.
I use a fader with 2 values and change text and color

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Thank you for confirming this, @oldgearguy! I don’t think I’m too fond of this change…
Won’t the work around create a thinner box?

I don’t remember right now what I ended up finally doing (and whether it looks different in 3.1.7 / 3.2 or not).

Suggestion - download my Looperlative LP1 preset. I use a lot of buttons and dynamically set them based on touch. I’m not near any music gear until much later today to check myself.

If you like what you see on those screens use that. I can explain any unusual things later if necessary. There’s no requirement o actually have an LP1 hooked up for it to function.

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Thank you, @oldgearguy! The bottons in your preset do work, but not any longer when I copy them into my preset…

@martin Is this the way it is supposed to be? Do you want us to figure out work arounds or is this going to get fixed? (Sorry, I understand the #2 and life stuff is eating up most of your time, but would love to know about this and the envelope issues…)

There’s likely LUA behind them making them act like regular buttons.

if you can wait until later today, I’ll be able to pull out the small bits of LUA that you could add to get them to work in your preset.

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Thank you so much! No need to hurry!

I’m just a bit grumpy as I feel things that I care about for my use are falling by the wayside… That doesn’t need to result in other people needing the go into panic mode… Still need to express it though! :wink:

This change was made a while ago. The main reason was that when we left the limit of 6 colours it has become quite hard - sometimes - to figure out if the button is on or if it just has a bright colour even when off. I am not super happy with the design either. I will be very happy for any suggestion. This basically counts for all types of controls. I am happy to make changes.

It is perfectly ok and welcomed!


Thank you for letting me know, Martin. I think it would be great if one could select the on and off color shade / brightness in the web editor. That would - for me - solve it, I think!

I think that could be a good solution. Although even better for me would be a full lit background colour with black lettering in the ON position, and a black background in the OFF position with white lettering with maybe a thin line (same colour as the previous background colour) all around the rounded rectangle of the (now black) pad. And the possibility to have a text for the ON position and another text for the OFF position. And why not the possibility of a drawing, like the List have… So that we could draw for example the typical triangle for PLAY and double bar for PAUSE…


A nice extension might be to add (as stated above) a control:setOnState() and control:setOffState() for momentary and toggle buttons. You could specify the color and the text (and maybe even button shape) to use for each condition.

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Love these ideas @nuipb and @oldgearguy !!! Keep them coming! :slight_smile:

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Take a look through this little example.

Toggle Button stuff

ask any questions and I’ll try to help.

May not be the most efficient or cleanest, but it gives you some ideas.

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Thank you so much, @oldgearguy! Will check it out ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Yes exactly. And adding BLACK as a background colour and a drawing area available…


Martin, what about the following way of defining an off-state:

  • The color of the surface becomes dark grey
  • The outline of the pad and the characters inherit the color, the surface has when in on-state

Not sure it would work great for all colours but it ensures you do not have to bother about two colors that both vary with te chose base color of the pad.

Perhaps you can add such pad design as an alternative pad type , like you arleady do with faders or envelopes?

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If an alternate/variant control was created, it should also be able to track its state so users don’t need to keep an extra structure around. Maybe since it is an on/off only thing, re-purpose the OverLayId field to track state.

(Martin will hit me for that - I’ve already talked to him about re-purposing various fields and structures as needed). :open_mouth:

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