Bypass midi input for a single control


Is there a way to bypass “midi input” (I don’t know how to call that, midi feedback?) for a single control ?

My use case:

I have a on-off list control that I use to trigger, let’s say, an “effect rack” in Ableton Live: on(127) means “ON” and off(0) means OFF to that effect rack.
I map the same on-off list control that I use to trigger another effect rack, but this time on(127) means “OFF” and off(0) means ON to that effect rack.

This controls does enable the first rack and disable the second one when activated, and vice-versa.

The problem is that the control gets two opposite feedback info (one is 0, the other is 127) and is not displaying what it should be anymore (sometimes it’s correct, sometimes it’s not (displaying “off” instead of “on” for instance).

I know that for this particular use case I could find a workaround in Ableton Live, but for my actual use case it’s not possible.

So is there a way to tell Electra (or Ableton Live) to “silent” a particular midi control ?

Any idea?


a way of working would be to set the second midi destination via a small lua function, assigned to the first control, which sends out the midi cc with inverted values.
As this cc message is no longer part of the control itself but rather part of a function that is being called, it is by design silenced (assuming both racks don’t share the same CC and channel , that won’t work).

It gets a bit complicated if you also intend the non silenced effect rack not only to update the E1 but via the E1 to also control that second effect rack. Is that your intention?

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Thank you for your response!

Yes my intention is exactly to control both of the effect racks, with inverted values.

But I don’t care if the control gets updated on the Electra - I consider it being the source of truth.

Edit: I’m not sure that it was clear but I have only one Electra Control (E1) that sends midi messages to two effect racks (R1 and R2)