External control with a "different" message

Is it possible to solve somehow that I send a certain midi cc message with a E1 fader controller, but control this “fader controller” with another cc message on another ch, which I send to the midi 2 in with another controller (EN16)?
E.g.: the E1 “fader controller” ch12, cc100 controls a parameter in Ableton, and control this “fader” with the “external controller”, with ch1, cc20?

Yep. That should be doable. It will involve using multiple devices in the same preset and adding a function to the master device fader, that each time you change that fader it sets via parameterMap the Cc value of the slave fader and as well via midiControlChange it should send the desired value to the slave device.

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thanks for the reply ! …I still don’t understand, but I’m glad that there is a good solution for this… I hope I can do it tomorrow. I don’t know how this “multiple device” thing works, I’ve never done it before. I will try it tomorrow. if I need help, can I write to you?

Yep :slight_smile:

If you have a preset that must address multiple synths and/or multiple channels or both ports, you will need the Device distinction to make sure the E1 knows what control belongs to what Device, and on what port and channel the device is to be found.

You should typically find the Device settings in the top left corner of the editor.

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