Cannot control Electra One from Chrome with many other midi devices present

On my Windows system I have many MIDI devices present. In this environment it is mostly impossible to use the webapp on Chrome to program the Electra One: Chrome/the app cannot find the Elecra’s midi device.

Is there a cure for this (other than unplugging all other MIDI devices)?

Yes, you need a midi interface which has “multi client capabilities”, iconnectivity devices have those (also when connecting over USB) as well as RME devices with midi ports.
Microsoft will release a new midi stack, probably in q4 this year, which will also bring multi client capabilitiy to the class compliant driver, so for all other midi device including the Electra One

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As far as I know that only applies if multiple applications need to access a MIDI interface.
The problem I am having it that the webapp/Chrome seems not able to handle many MIDI interfaces. If I unplug all MIDI devices except for the Electra, the app works just fine.

Ah I misunderstood you, apologies.
How many midi devices are we talking about? I am currently at around 30 and that works fine.
Which windows version?

Hi Marcel, I haven’t heard of this issue before. Does it work when you connect just two devices, say E1 and another one? I’m asking to determine if the problem might be due to too many connected devices or if there’s another cause. Thanks.

Hi Martin,

If I am not mistaken: with two devices (one being the E1) it works fine (mostly), with more devices the app does not seem to be able to enumerate all MIDI devices and does not find the E1.

Judging from Markus’ posts, he doesn’t seem to have this issue.

Iirc previous windows versions had a limit of 10 or so, another thing was that older specific korg midi drivers which are so legacy that they hindered enumeration of others

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