Editor app misses a lot of my midi gear incl. Electra one [SOLVED]

I had this issue before with the old editor website but the new one seems to have a problem too with listing all the midi gear connected to my pc. In fact it only lists the eight connections of one of my Motu Midi Express 128.
The fix was to disconnect and reconnect the gear but I think @martin mentioned that he also found a fix for the website.

Hi. The dropdown for MIDI inputs and outputs is scrollable, in case there are too many devices. Is it possible that your other devices are bellow the fold? Did you try to scroll the dropdown?

In case this won’t help, could you send us a screenshot of that dropdown, please?


same here with my reaper daw and mio10 interface…
i cant select any midi device on a track as long as the webpage editor is open !

NO thats not the case !

and it happens on chrome and opera…

I will verify this, but I think it is related to the fact that Electra is USB compliant device. It relies on the generic windows driver and it can be actively used only by one program. If it is the case, the solution is to develop a custom driver for Electra.

That’s why I asked for the possibility to edit the Elektra over midi instead of USB (long time ago). Because then I could use the Mio10, which is multi-client capable, to work on stuff, while having ableton open.
Developing your own USB midi driver could be challenging, Pete Brown from MS mentioned something lately, that they are working on a class compliant USB multi client driver, but probably will take a while.
You could also license a driver, that’s what iconnectivity is doing.

AFAIK I have no other program running in the background that is accessing the Electra. At least no DAW or something like that.

@coldsteel I just ran a few tests on a windows machine. I am unable to replicate it. I can see 8+ devices no problem. If they do not fit in the window, the scrollbar is shown.

The listing of the MIDI devices/ports is done by the browser, Electra hardware is not involved in that.

Would you try to go to the following URL:


And check the Devices: Inputs / outputs selection lists? I am interested if you will see all the MIDI devices/ports in other Web midi application.

Note, it has to be Chrome or chromium based browser. Thanks!

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Hey @martin, I cleared Chrome’s cache, unplugged all the MIDI devices, rebooted the system and plugged them back in and now all of the devices are back again.

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great! if it happens again, just let us know. If there is a reason why the list is not complete, it needs to be understood and resolved. Thanks!

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Cool, will do that! Thanks!

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