Can't get 'midi learn' to learn

Hi there.

I’m trying to get midi learn to work. I’m transmitting cc105 on channel 6 to port 1 and in the lua and tools midi monitor I can see it. In the control picker I’ve selected 7 bit cc and channel 6 and pressed the little microphone so it throbs and underneath it says ‘listening on port 1 channel 6’ but unfortunately nothing else happens. I’ve obviously misunderstood something here, any suggestions welcome.


Perhaps take a screenshot of that editor screen?

There are three different places where MIDI learn can be used in the editor:

  1. The device panel
  2. The control properties panel
  3. SysEx patch editor

Each of them is adjusted to their context.

The device panel

When activated, it listens on the port and channel of the selected device.

Any message that matches the device configuration (port and channel) will appear as a “control” in the sidebar and can be dragged over to the editor grid. If the value of given learned control keeps changing, eg. you twist the know, the panel will updated the minimum and maximum values accordingly.

If message that does not match the device settings is received, the panel will inform about that. The following screenshot illustrates both cases:

The control properties panel

This is somewhat simplified version that is embedded directly at the control’s properties.

When active, it will update the Parameter number field. It will not, however, adjust range or anything. It is important to switch MIDI Learn off when you are done with this. When E1 is in the MIDI Learn mode, it does not process MIDI traffic in the “normal” way.

SysEx patch editor

This is part of the Device / Patch editor. It is tailored to receiving and analyzing incoming SysEx messages.

I will not go into describing it here, a good info on using it in real world has been recently provided by @NewIgnis in the following forum thread:

Thanks, that post represents my next year of study, very useful.

Hi thanks for the reply.

Here’s the screen shot of a freshly made preset:

Here’s the midi monitor:

And here is a picture of some nothing happening

Although, I did try to capture the mic at the low point of the ‘throb cycle’ to inject some interest to the pic. You’ll have to accept my assurance that just out of shot I am furiously twiddling the filter cut off of a Novation Supernova and the ‘midi in 1’ flashes on the display.

The preset:

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Looking at your screenshots, I can see that you have the MIDI device configured to be port 1 / channel 6. The MIDI learn listens on that port / channel. The output that you have in your MIDI console shows messages being received on channel 1. Do I read it correctly?

You’re correct, in my enthusiasm to upload pictures Ì set the channel wrong. here are the pictures with channel 6 set to receive but I’m still getting nothing: