Electron Octatrack

Here is a preset for Elektron Octatrack (built for MK2 but should work on MK1 just fine). As we have no nrpn or sysex support on the Octatrack, its all built using CC7…

Elektron Octatrack.epr (31.1 KB)


I’m patiently awaiting my Electra One to arrive and use with the OT. Can you send some screen shots of how you layed everything out???!

Its just like 4 or 5 pages - a channel strip, fx1 and fx2 controls and then a performance screen. We will be releasing an instrument file for the OT so you can create your own preset very easily just by dragging and dropping the controls you want and where you want them to be (as all the available/mappable controls are already in the instrument file)… If you want to see the present, I am using it here with my OT (not sure how visible it will be - all I have is an old gopro which is not the best one… :slight_smile:

…I am sure you can load the preset to the editor (even with no elecra connected) and see how it actually looks like - it might be better than any screenshot…

Good idea. I’ve only tried to view the editor at work and the site is blocked. I’ll check it out at home. Thanks so much.