Midi Learn - Channels 7 & 8

I can’t get the editor to recognize midi learn on channels 7&8. Hopefully this will be addressed in the update.

Hi, what type of midi messages is that? CC7, CC14 or NRPN? And what device/plugin? So that I could test it and replicate the issue. Thanks!

Octatrack, cc7 on midi in 1. Can you test channels 9-16 too?

A friend of mine has Octatrack, will test that with him.

Hi, I just tested MIDI Learn on various channels, including 7 and 8. It works just fine for me. I did that both on MIDI I/O DIN ports as well as on USB Host. I used ESI KeyControl. I think it might be something specific to OT. @marek has OT and I saw that you already exchanged some messages with him in another thread. He will test it out as soon as he has a moment for it.

issue resolved. @mrcrappypants can use channels 7 & 8 now :slight_smile: