Casio VZ-8M


trying to make sense of the vz-8m sysex to see if a electra one patch is possible

i learnt from pete cain, the nice chap that made the only modern vz editor i know available that each parameter needs all patch data in each sysex string… which appears to be a little too much information for the electra

tried with one lengthy string and its crashing my electra

i’ve read that long strings are possible, is this one too long and a vz control from the electra is just not possible? or am i doing something very wrong?

any ideas anybody?

VZ wfm1 test.epr (5.3 KB)

Hi @duster,

I’m currently working on a preset for the Hohner HS-2/E / Casio VZ-10m, which should work with the VZ-8m as well, I guess…

The receiving part of the preset is almost complete and just needs some minor tweaks. So one can already dump Sysex presets into Electra and all controls will update accordingly.

Indeed, putting a whole Sysex patch together is just too complex for Electra’s JSON. Though, it should be possible doing that in Lua.

The concept would be pretty similar to the one of Pete’s VZ editor: all parameters need to be stored in a table and with some bitwise magic, broken into the required nibbles when sending the data to the VZ.

Furthermore, it needs to utilize Electra’s timer library to make sure to not overwhelm VZ’s MIDI buffer.
Pete is sending the patch update only when a control is released. I believe that exact behavior is hard to replicate in Lua, but slowing down the update frequency is certainly doable.
On the JSON side of the preset all controls are of the type virtual. They are not sending any data but are used only to update the HEX table in Lua.

I’d be happy to share the preset with you once the basic functionality is there. Not sure if I get much done before next weekend…

hi @mariankalus

thank you for getting back so quickly and clearing this up for me

lua scripts and scripting in general are beyond me at present so I’m very much looking forward to seeing how you get on with your preset

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