Patch request on TX81Z. Anyone have it working?

Patch request on TX81Z. Anyone have it working?

I have the Electra tweaking the TX81Z no problem but I can’t seem to get patch request going. Any tips? I have midi cables going in and out of the TX…


Let’s start with the basics’

  • The patch request is set up in your preset? There is a patch request string defined?
  • When performing it, you see the expected midi out on the E1 blink?
  • the synth on the E1 is set to the correct port and midi channel?
  • the sysex messages may require a byte different dependent on the synth’s device ID and/or on the midi channel . I have no experience with the TX81Z but that is somthing I would check. I might be in the patch request these bytes are hardcoded with different values, which means the synth wouldn’t respond
  • when performing a patch request, you see the midi in blink quickly?

Hi. Thanks.
The preset is the main TX81Z preset in the preset area I downloaded. Its supposed to have patch request enabled within the preset.
I am on the correct midi channel and I am also seeing the midi in and midi out flashing on the Electra. I have midi cables going in and out of the TX81Z into the Electra midi 1 out and midi 1 in/
Yes the midi port blinks quickly when I press patch request.

Hi , that seems all right, so I downloaded the preset and gave it a look. I can’t find nothing however that indicates patch requesting is foreseen: there is no json in the patch editor for that purpose nor lua code that would do the trick. Both are empty.

I read in the description as well the builder of the set up meant to provide this, so maybe he hasn’t done it yet, or maybe he published the wrong preset.

You will have to ask him.

Thanks for looking into that for me. That makes sense with there being no patch request. I’ll message the guy that designed to preset to see if he has any ideas on adding patch request to the preset.

The TX81Z supports patch requests. I created a DX11 editor based on it as well.
At some point the webapp got updated and the patch requests broke.

I you have a working version, you might publish it as a new preset