Cc 0 87 + cc 32 1-4

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I’ve been sending bank select MSB/LSB using the 14 bit setting no problem, I choose the LSB with the option/list control but I just can’t figure out how to send CC 0 with a value of say 87 along with my chosen LSB. If anyone can put me right it would be great.


Use 14bit CC for that. here is a quick example: 14bit CC messages

I need to leave the computer. I will share more info later. The “cryptic” number in the On value is the 14bit representation of the MSB/LSB bytes put together.

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Thanks for that but isn’t the MSB supposed to go first? If I choose MSB first the LSB becomes 87.

There are different flavours in the MIDI world.
That’s why you change the order in which a 14bit is to be sent:

Hey there, thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried both of those options, MSB has to go first for what I’m doing, I can’t get the value of CC 0 to be 87. I need to send CC0=87 followed by CC32=1,2,3,or 4.


It’s better then you explain first what pairs of values you want to assign to CC #0 and to CC #32 , because the way banks are set up is very different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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I have a V Synth XT, and it’s patch numbering system goes 001-512 so that’s 4 lots of 128. To access patch numbers 001 to 128 I need to send CC 0 at the value of 87 followed by CC 32 value 1 then the prog change. If I want to access patches 129 to 256 it’s CC0=87 then CC32=2 then the prog change and so on, the CC 0=87 remains constant while the CC32 value increments from 1 to 4.

Oh, sorry I did not read your original post right. I updated the preset so that the inverted version is there too.

Updated CC14

I think, for your case, it is confusing that the 14bit value needs to be entered as one 14bit number. I will add fields to add MSB / LSB separately too. Like we have it for NRPN.

This is a very good article about handling numbers in MIDI:

worth reading for anybody who wants to start playing around with MIDI messages and SysEx. I mean in general, not that you need it :slight_smile:

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A ha!

(MSB x 128) + LSB