Pads CC's: ONLY 7 and 14?

Can someone confirm this? Documentation seems to say pads can ONLY send CC 7 and 14 which seems weirdly limited.

I’ve assigned all sorts of CC’s to the pads. So you can use any CC you’d like, no limitation there as far as I can tell.

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could you do me a super quick favor? could you assign CC 32 to a pad and just give it a lil test? super important for me that that works

7 and 14 here are not CC numbers, it’s 7 bits or 14bits (midi resolution)

ah ok thanks! the wording was confusing to me, but perhaps bc i dont know the difference

thanks for the explanation

Like @Richard said, that’s the setting for the bits. If you want to assign a CC you have to enter that in the field “Parameter Number”:

In the Pads selection area, where you see pads named “CC7” and “CC14”, you can choose a pad that sends CC with 7 bits or 14 bits. 7 Bits is more standard, 14 bit is higher resolution but not every synth or plugin supports that. So that’s not a CC number but the number of bits the pad uses.