CC control not responding to physical encoder after preset upload

When i create a new CC controller manually or by midi learn, then upload the preset it to the Electra controller, the control does not respond to the physical encoder turning on the synthesizer.

After rebooting the Electra controller, it works fine…


it sounds like you did not switch the MIDI learn mode off. Please, not it is not switched by off automatically after it learns the message. It waits for other messages to arrive. When the controller is in the MIDI learn mode, it does not process MIDI messages, ie. it does not apply them to the controls. It will do that after the MIDI learn mode is turned off.

I agree, however, I could adjust it so that the preset upload turns it off too.

I see the problem. But i can’t find an option in the app to disable the MIDI learn mode. It would be nice if there would be an off-switch or something or just automatic disabling on preset upload. Having to restart the controller every time i add a control and want to test it, interrupts the workflow and causes issues. Sometimes the editor is not synced anymore correctly when rebooting the hardware.