Annoying parameter auto-reset

Hey there… Do you have a clue why this thing goes always back reset?

How is it possible to stay fix?

Using Ableton Live. The problem is only noticable while using the DAW.

This one:

Thank you guys!

Be sure to check the automation lanes in Ableton, one of them is likely set to 1/16 so every time you move the controller Ableton automation resets the value in the effect and on the controller to 1/16.

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This is new Ableton Live project and just a test with an empty channel then only filled with the delay plugin. No automation lanes at all. The parameter on the Electra One is always resetting after stop turning the controler knob.

The problems only appears using the 7-Bit List Option, no problem with regular 7-Bit CC.

I feel I know where it comes from. Will try to replicate it and fix it. It will be, however, later this week. I am currently overloaded by assembling and shipping…

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No problem, Martin! Looking forward for an firmware update. :slight_smile: Thank you!

Would be cool this issue could be solved… :relieved:

i have something similar sometimes for example with pigments.but i suspect its also only happening in DAW can use pigments also stand alone…
sometimes a parameter that iam controlling with the elektra jumps back to zero like from ghost hands but it happens on the vst not on the controller.
i use reaper !

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Thank you wanne,

but I still want to use Ableton Live for my setups. Hm…

Hi Matthias,

I tried to replicate your issue but I couldn’t get the same behaviour. When I create a list of discrete values and map it to a CC parameter of a plugin in the Ableton, Electra stays perfectly in sync with the plugin parameter. My guess is that your plugin sends back either value 0 or a value that is not on your list.

Lists are often using a range of values to express one item on the list. I could imagine that your are, for example, sending in value 12 for given list item, which will work as it is in the range, but the plugin responds with 16, which is still in the range but it is different from 12. I hope you catch my drift :slight_smile:

I would say: look at ElectraOneConsole to see what data is sent when you twist the knob and what is received back. An entry below says that CC #1 value 102 was sent out (when twisting the knob) and plugin responded with the same value (102). I would expect you will be seeing there a different value at the readMid line.

12205247 sendMessage: type=cc7, parameterNumber=1, midiValue=102
12205455 readMidi: MIDI USB Dev received: port=0, channel=1, type=176, data1=1, data2=102

Feel free to share your ElectraOneConsole logfile.

Just realized - you can also do following:
create an extra fader control that has the same CC# and full range (0 … 127) and add it to the preset. That fader will reflect the value received back from the plugin. Of course this is just for debugging…