CC Demo instrument

hmmmm - I’m finding that going beyond using the presets isn’t that easy. At least for me.

I started to work on a controller for a new synth that has lots of cc modulation. I figured that it might save some time to start with the CC Demo instrument, and at first it was quite easy and works great. But then I’m noticing that below the first line of cc controls are a bunch of items that read Option A, or Option B. I can edit them so that they send out controllers like the rest, but they appear to be intended for another purpose? I’m not sure what these are, and so I’m not sure what to look for in the manual. While ultimately having some kind of sysex in this will be great, for now, i’m just trying to set up the individual controllers…i guess I could start all over, but i’m hoping to find some way of either changing or deleting these.

Edit. ok. of course, as soon as i posted this, I figured it out. Not sure how to work with ‘lists’ yet, but deleted them and set up another row of faders. And midi learn works great. Now, once I have these all set up (there are quite a few), i probably want to rearrange them, and will have to look at options for doing that easily.

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yup, there are basically two elements that make up a control:

  1. the visual representation, which should reflect the nature of the parameter
  2. the midi message used to send/receive the parameter value

Regarding the visual representation, the faders are here to represent continous values, eg. range 0 to 127. While lists are meant for parameters that require sets of discrete values, eg. 0, 16, 32, 64. As lists allow users to assign text lables to the individual values, it is more friendly to use. (saw, square, triangle, noise is better than 0, 16, 32, 64).

The MIDI message is simply a type of MIDI message sent / received.

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