Option list control not working

I’m creating a preset of Moog Mariana VST3 in Ableton using Ableton Live MIDI Remote Script for the Electra One.

I can not get the option list control working. In the image below you can see 3 controls:

Control 1: the original control from the ‘on the fly’ dump of the VST. This is working.
Control 2: the option list I’m trying to get working, this one is now controling control 3
Control 3: this control also comes from the ‘on the fly’ dump of the VST. Control 3 shares the parameter number with control 1. The only visual difference with control 1 is the formatter, being defaultFormatter instead of empty.

Somehow Control 1 and Control 3 share parameter number but are different controls which function as intended.

Control 1 settings:

Control 2 settings:

Control 3 settings:

What to change?

Is control 2 working at all? Does it update the value in the VST?

Using `defaultFormatter requires a change to the corresponding ccmap to tell Ableton to send the string representation of the current value, e.g.
"parametername": ((control-id,0),11,True,2
(I cannot see the actual control reference on your screenshots; they are listed on top.)

Note BTW that using a 14bit control for a list does not make sense (too many values). The dumper for VSTs and other plugins doesn’t get enough sensible information from Live to make meaningful control assignments, unfortunately.

(If you change a control in the preset from 14->7 bit, don’t forget to update the ccmap for that parameter too, i.e. set True → False.)

I did not see the channelnumber at first. Now this is working fine. Thanks