'clipboard' editing in the app

Not sure how possible it would be but would be really useful to have a drag and drop clipboard/ temporary holding window for control modules, if were trying to personalize a preset layout would be much easier and more intuitive to edit presets across multiple pages.


Hi @lobit,

that is an interesting idea, we will consider that. For now, maybe Cut&Paste might help you with re-arranging the layout.

See more details about keyboard shortcuts here: Electra Editor | Electra One Documentation

I can only second that.
Drag and drop would be helpful, especially if one could select multiple items / groups.
Also using the delete button on the keyboard instead of backspace, at least for windows users, would make more sense.
Finally, how do I move stuff from one preset to another? Can I use copy and paste for e.g. the new envelopes as well?

or now that I think it… would be simpler if you we able to drag or copy + paste between 2 open session windows… that would be just as good.

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Copy and paste between the browser windows is now possible: