Electra App update - Undo & Redo and Virtual parameters

The new version of Electra App was just released at https://app.electra.one


  • Undo & Redo
  • Virtual parameters (firmware 1.5 required)
  • Improved copy & paste. Now it is possible to copy & paste controls & bitmaps between two browser windows.
  • Several minor bug fixes

Thanks, however when I click this link I only reach the Preset Library page. When you say “Electra App” do you mean the “ElectraOneConsole.app” ? As when I tried to update from 1.4 to 1.5 the ElectraOneConsole.app crashed and now crashes every time I try to update the firmware of my Electra…

Hi @Tomas, thank you for all the work!

It would be super useful to be able to copy whole pages to other presets or within one preset to work much faster than with the actual c&p function. Maybe as a export/import as a page.epr file…

For instance: I want to build an “Ableton studio preset” with a mixer page, channel strip page and some synths pages in it and at the beginning it is all about testing which which pages of available presets could fit as a starting point and in which order all pages make moste sense to me :slight_smile:


Seconded! I am working on a preset with multiple similar pages, would be nice to C&P entire sections or even pages.

Also, I put some functions on Page 1 of the Preset, and started a copy on Page 2; but now I see that the first set will go beyond a single page, so the second copy now needs to go to Page 3. It would be very helpful to copy the entirety of the current Page 2 onto Page 3, or somehow be allowed to “insert” a new page 2 and have the current Page 2 become Page 3.



A reasonable amount of copy-paste ability already exists. You can check it out here: Electra Editor | Electra One Documentation. Essentially, you are able to use keyboard shortcuts to copy-paste from page to page. What I have noted in the past is that the control groups may not come along and have to be re-added. Also, you may have to check the parameter ids to ensure you have what you wanted after copy-paste.

@Tomas, did I miss anything new on the editor?


OK, I see it now; I was “doing it wrong!”


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