Conditional faders?


I cannot see conditional faders. Is it possible to program?

Example: when switching from “sync beat” to “sync time” (with a dedicated button on the E1) the fader should change accordingly, with new values. It could also be replaced with a list.

yes, but you have to code it in LUA. The sliders themselves have no way of knowing what you want them to be or do.

I have controls for the PCM 80 that switch between time display in milliseconds to time display of echo:beat (their terminology) automatically, depending on how that time was set in the effects unit. You can also toggle between the two manually.

The kinds of questions you’ve been asking about the Electra One lead me to believe it may not be exactly the tool you’re looking for. Yes it has the flexibility to do a lot of what you want, but you either have to - code some of it yourself in LUA or piece together parts from existing presets created by others.

I’m not exactly sure what type of platform would work best for your needs. Maybe something like MAX:MSP that has a lot of higher level objects already created? Not sure things like CTRLR or Lemur would be any better.

Are there audio toolboxes for platforms like the iPad that would work?

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Hello oldgearguy,

Thank you very much for all the info you provide.

You’re right. The unit is really powerful but I expected something more user-friendly. For example, the fact that conditional faders are not accessible via the side panel, which is a pity (for my usage).

I search for a device that can control my plugins, but also my piano (Roland FP-30x) and the REAPER/Bitwig/Ableton mixer, as well as Ableton/Bitwig remote controls (especially the macros). So it would fit almost all the needs. And I don’t know other device that can be more suited for the time being. I used Usine a lot, so wire-cabling inlets/outlets does not impress me. But Usine or Max/MSP is software, not hardware. And the E1 community seems very kind and reactive. It’s an important point for me. I think I will put the trigger to test it for 30 days, just to see what are the cons for my usage. I also thought of aquiring an Ableton Push 3, but it is really different.

Maybe one of these projects can help you achieve what you want:

Thanks for your suggestion Mint-Gecko.

TouchOSC is a great tool for touch surfaces. I already have a tablet with different scripts to remote control DAWs, REAPER in particular. It works great and TouchOSC is really powerful but I want real knobs.

ReaLearn is a good tool but is focused on REAPER users.

Concerning LBX SK2, it’s the same thing.

Or maybe I did not understand how to use these tools with the E1. The controller itself makes it difficult to replace by another. There is no real choice to buy another unit with knobs, screen and customized labels/parameters.