Control electra parameteres with midi in?

I got quite a few parameters from electra controlling ableton.
Can i plug a faderfox controller to electra, with the same midi cc numbers used by electra?
So if i have cc2 controlling a filter in ableton, if i send a cc2 from my controller, i assume electra will forward it right?
Will electra fader that transmit cc2 also move or update with the new values sent by my controller?
Thanks a lot

I can’t speak for the faderfox specifically, but I have used an Intech EN16 hooked up to the Electra MIDI Host port which should be equivalent.


If you send CC2 from your external controller, Ableton will receive it, just as it does when you send it from the Electra.

Yes, the Electra UI will update when you move the controls on the external controller.

Hi @drohnee thanks for reaching out!
Got it sorted.
Much apreciatted!