Controlling MKS-50 with E1 over USB

Hi, I have my E1 connected to my MacPro via USB. I would like to edit my MKS-50 via the E1.
I create a track in Logic with an External Instrument triggering my MKS-50. I play it via my Midicontroller. When I move a knob on the E1 (with the MKS-50 preset from the library) I see Logic receiving Sysex messages (no Midi filter activated in Logic) but the MKS-50 doesn’t change the sound.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Flo

Hi @flonky, just to understand it a little bit more… is MKS-50 connected to Electra’s MIDI connectors or is it connected to your mackbook with another USB MIDI interface?

The E1 ist connected to the Mac via USB and the MKS-50 is connected to another USB MIDI Interface (Midiface 16x16) with In and Out connection.

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sorry for slow communication - I was busy with working on the firmware. I have MKS-50 and Logic here in the workshop. I will test it out tomorrow.

Any news about the MKS-50?