Has anyone ever been able to use Electra One with Reason?

I’m having trouble setting up Electra One with Reason as a controller.
Managed to get it to work in Logic after cabling advice from @NewIgnis.

Put out a call on ReasonTalk where I’m a mod, but haven’t heard anything yet.

So, has anyone tried this successfully yet? Preferably on a Mac?


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@martin Did you ever test the E1 with Reason? I know it’s not a super major player, but seems to get listed in the top ten at least… Would love to know if / how you got it to work.

Thank you!

@eusti, I am just downloading the Reason…

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Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

@eusti, what exactly do you struggle with? I installed Reason 12 and it seems to detect Electra and receive messages from the controller just fine. Tested that with simple CC.

Do you have troubles with this? or is it more about mapping the controls to the plugin parameters?

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Thank you so much for checking this for me. I appreciate it.
At the moment I have Reason 11 installed and the controller can be set up but doesn’t seem to transmit any control info through the Midi Out Instrument. Will download and install 12 in the next days and hope that things are resolved there! Will report back! Thank you again!

@martin: As I had feared and suspected… No change here between Reason 11 or 12. I cannot pass E1’s NRPN through the Midi Out Instrument to the selected hardware synth… I can do the same with Logic with the same cabling and hardware routing. Not sure what the issue is.

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What I did was controlling a software synth in Reason with Electra. I will take a look at this passing of messages out.

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Thank you!!! I appreciate it! I can see that the Midi track in the Reason sequencer is receiving messages from the E1.

Edit: I now have been able to successfully send CCs with my Bit-01 preset from the E1 through Reason to my Bit-01. I have not been to send the NRPN and sysex from my MKS-70 (V4) preset to the MKS-70 in the same set up.

@martin Sorry to follow up on this: I have updated to a new computer and even in Reason 12 I seem only able to send CC data, but no sysex or nrpn from my E1 to my synths. Could you check if that is to be expected? Thank you!

Hej eusti,
maybe reason will not send through or generate NPRN data - you could try another daw, virtual midi or just direct connections.
I found this comment in an older topic on reason and NRPN: „To the best of my knowledge you absolutely CANNOT trick Reason into sending SYSEX or NRPN messages no matter if it’s via a plugin or naturally.“

Source:Hacking Reason for MIDI madness! - Page 2 - ReasonTalk.com

Good luck!

Thank you, @studiobischof!

I didn’t not know that.

Bummer!!! Altogether I’m pretty comfortable with working in Reason… But might need to switch to Logic then in the longer run…


I have the same problem in Bitwig with NRPN messages from the Electra and therefore channel one MIDI port of the Electra into the midibridge.app in macOS that then goes directly to my synths next to the daw stuff…

On Windows you can use something like loopbe1 to set a midi port up next to reason for the NRPNs…

If you don’t need the NRPNs for automation, that’s a good way. If you want to record the NRPNS for automation it’s very tricky to find a solution - maybe via another software controller for you synth on https://ctrlr.org/.

Interesting, @studiobischof! I’m on a Mac… Need to figure out how midibridge works… Is it standalone?

And yes, it’s just for editing my hardware, I don’t need to record automations…

Thank you!

Edit: Midibridge is no longer supported as it relied on 32 bit stuff to function. Apparently there is midifire now, which I’m about to get and try… Thank you for pointing me in that direction, @studiobischof.

@studiobischof: Wonderful! That works!!! Now I can use both Reason and still edit my hardware stuff via E1 and SYSEX and NRPN!!! Thank you!!!


Glad I could help!
And I had a typo in my last post - I use the free midipipe.app for my routing… MidiPipe

But midifire looks really nice too :slight_smile: