Deepmind 12 Effects, what have I missed?

I’m working on an editor for Deepmind 12 and the effects. If I select TC-DeepVRB in Electra, it sends out an NRPN of 22. But in the LUA code, it jumps wrong. It jumps to 1. What have I missed? The position in the list is 1 so my question is, is value in LUA the position or the value in the list? Why don’t I write the list in numerical order? Because Deepmind sends out the values ​​in this order.

@Electrolove - Hello, did you ever manage to get your Preset for the Deepmind FX working?
I just got an MK2 and starting to dive into making a very similar preset for my Deepmind



Hello. I’m almost at the finish but I drove the Electra at the bottom so I got some tips from Martin on how to do it. Talk to Martin and he will explain much better than I what is required. Thank you for your interest. Feel free to get in touch again if you have any questions.

@Electrolove works on the preset that exceeds anything I could imagine:) The total size of the preset and the lua script is somewhere around 1.5MB in size. That does not fit in our cloud storage database (firebase firestore). We need to make adjustments on the backend. In order to allow @Electrolove to continue his work on it, the Lua script was split into several Lua modules and saved on E1’s internal storage manually. I can provide info on how to do that, but it might be better to wait for the update of the service.


Do you have any idea how long it takes to fix a new (bigger) backend and increase the id numbers so that there are more than 255 ids, approximately?