Default MIDI value do not work sometimes

I made a Option List with MIDI values from 0-127. I want the default MIDI value to be 64. It will not be sent to Electra in some cases. In some cases it works. The default value seems to be located in the JSON source when it works and also when it do not work.

EDIT 1: I have uploaded a picture now. It shows the Option list, the default MIDI value 64 and the result in the Electra display when I send it to the Electra. The result in the Electra display (PITCH) is -64, it should be 0. It does not matter what default MIDI value I use. It is not reflected in the Electra display.

EDIT 2: I made a copy of the values in the option list and pasted that into a empty option list. That list works as it should.

Can you provide an example of when you notice it does not work? Screenshots perhaps or a preset?