Deleting presets from the Electra One?

my Electra One crashed during the upload of a preset and now the preset on the unit is corrupted - as soon as I select it, the unit crashes. Is there a way to remotely delete presets without selecting them or a way to completely delete all of the presets from the Electra One?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Klaus,

yup, there are a few startup key combinations to recover fro certain situations. The sequence to run a recovery function is to:

  1. press a button when electra is switched off
  2. keep the button pressed
  3. connect electra to the power
  4. hold the button pressed till the startup animation is completed

Currently available recovery functions:

[SECTION 1] button - do not load default preset
[SECTION 2] button - remove all files
[SECTION 3] button - disable pot touch


Nice, worked like a charm. Thanks, Martin!

How would you delete a preset from the Electra One in general? My E1 is working fine, but there are some presets on it I would just like to remove. Probably something simple, but I keep missing it. Thanks!

i don’t believe you can at the moment.
the editor is only uploading to the current (selected) preset.

perhaps one day, we can have clear preset…
(I think also perhaps move would be useful given preset banks)

for now I just overwrite with other presets :slight_smile:

also given how quick it is to upload presets, I have also just cleared everything (see martins post above) and then re-uploaded presets I wanted to keep. ( * )

( * ) I actually enjoy deleting presets/projects off my instruments, and keeping things pretty minimal - so I only have a few presets on my E1 at any one time… and I totally get thats not how many others work, so this approach might be a bit of pain.

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Bear- OK, thanks! It would be easy enough to clear everything as you pointed out. I am still working my up the learning curve (right now for controlling VSTs), so I am doing a lot of sod this, start again!

The current issue here is that the editor does not know much about the storage and the banks in the controller. It can be used to create / edit the preset and then load it to the active slot on the controller. An empty preset can be loaded. I agree, it is far from being optimal.

I will add a sysex call to remove the preset. @Tomas will can then pick it up and add it to the editor.


Doesn´t need to be in the editor. It would be great to have just a button on the preset screen of ELECTRA to delete the selected preset!