Factory reset?

I’ve been doing random playing around with various presets and my E-One hardware has junk presets in various places, other presets are assigned to a knob in a different bank, etc.

Since all my work is stored on the computer is there a way I can completely clean out the hardware and then download only what I want in the locations I want?

  1. Disconnect Electra from the USB power.
  2. Press and hold left middle button.
  3. While keeping the button pressed, connect the USB power.
  4. Keep the button pressed until the splash screen animation is completed

This procedure will remove all presets, Lua scripts, config files.

Thank you sir.

Ummm, was that actually in the manual somewhere? I did a forum search, but didn’t find anything and the manual only talked about using the button on the back panel.

I’m having an issue where the Electra one is frozen on the splash screen.

Edited a preset locally, and imported it. Something is wrong and the Electra is frozen on the splash screen after the animation completes.

I’ve tried to resolve the freeze using the hard reset with the right button held down, that didn’t work.

I tried to hold the left middle button down as described above, but the splash screen animation never appears.

The log file days the preset was successfully loaded, but it definitely has something to do with it.

Any ideas?

And I just figured out what the left middle button means. I was pressing the small buttons on the back of the panel.

This would be great add to manual. I was confused for a couple hours as it would start up.

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Hi, what was happening that made you to reset the unit? Using of the factory reset should be quite exceptional. Maybe, I am missing something I could fix.

Electra One Failed Log 2-9-2022.txt (7.3 KB)

I’ve attached the log. I was building out a Hydra Synth patch. The unit just froze then it just won’t load past the loading screen when I unplugged it and plugged it back in. I then tried many things to get it to work. The clear unit seemed to fix everything. I was even trying to reload the firmware to see if that worked but it still just was stuck. It kept saying un connected too. The bottom of the log said “no memory” the patch was simple with only 17 parameters.

I want to say that I appreciate the quick response and seeing what the community is sharing in these forums made me realize that this product and you as makers being responsive made me feel warm at heart know ing the care that you put into your products. That is always key for me when choosing to buy equipment.