Display Ableton info on Electra

Hi, I was looking if there is a simple way to display information like playhead, bpm, time signature, elapsed time since playback started etc on Electra’s GUI.
I am mainly using it as a custom mapped midi controller for Ableton on live sets, and don’t really need Electra dynamically updating its control set as a Remote Script would.
But having an on-screen overview of some Ableton info would be great.
Any idea on how to get started in implementing this?

Most, if not all, of the stuff you want is available in the LOM (live object model), which can either be accessed by maxforlive devices or by a remote script.
You might find a M4l device which can send this data out as OSC or Mira or similar, but Imho a remote script way is the most promising one. @jhh 's script is open source, you could fork and modify it.

Thanks! It makes sense MIDI remote would be the most elegant way to implement it. However my question is somewhat Ableton agnostic, as it also pertains to the Electra side of things.
Indeed @jhh’s script seems very thorough (and documented), specifically for Mixer and currently selected Device control. However all I seem to find there are actual controls, not display objects. Has anyone created simple read-only display objects for the Electra? A simple block with variable width and height to display strings or bitmaps. @martin would this make sense for a future update?

To elaborate, two workaround examples on the top row.
in green using group labels
in white using parameter lists

Nice, I like the way you use group labels to display ‘read-only’ value :wink: But that’s a it of a hack and general read only objects would indeed make sense for use cases like this @martin

Yes, even outside DAW control I can imagine some other use cases

  • Program Name display (I’m using lists atm)
  • LFO / Oscilloscope visualizers
  • metering
  • animations and logos, why not?

Imho spp /playhead should be read out AND available as control, that’s how I did it for my C4 script, same for loop start and loop length, BPM etc