Custom values display for Midi Display

Right now the view is limited to 0 - 127. So I could display HZ or something like this. would be nice to start with Linear translation 20hz - 2000hz.
To take it a step further… being able to inject an algorithm for non-linear pots.

A step further, a method to inject bit of code to calculate algorithmic values that my plugins use.

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Also here wanting to do inverted displays… 127-0. Unfortunately this seems to crash the Electra.One hardware.

Thanks for the reporting. The crash will be fixed in the next realease.

Could you please tell us more about the case, where it would be valuable to have inverted values?

Linear translation will be in the next release, so stay tuned.

Non-linear translation is in our backlog. As well as macros. They might solve your need to calculate algorithmic values.

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