Fader display issues with some colors [SOLVED]

When I set fader colors using the standard palette provided in the editor, everything looks okay:

However, when I upload a preset using color values I’ve specified myself, they mostly appear correct, except for a few pieces:

  • left and right sides of the fader
  • the fader background
  • background of the number text
    Thee appear as white/grey rather than the color I specified. Here’s what I see with the color “F800”, for example:

From the screenshots, fader group colors (the dotted line…) appear to handle all colors effectively.

I understand that this may not be supported behavior, but since everything draws correctly EXCEPT for a few pieces of the fader, I thought I would mention the issue in case there was an easy fix.

I can provide the preset JSON, if it’s helpful to reproduce the issue.

Hi Scott,

Electra currently supports only 6 colours. This limitation is due to support of anti-aliased graphics. When other RGB565 colour is used parts of the graphics affected by the aniti-aliasing default to white. I will upload a JSON schema here so that people who are working with JSON directly have definition of the JSON. We are considering supporting full 16-bit RGB range, but the it comes with a performance penalty. I am currently travelling, so I will be able to provide the JSON schema early next week.



Thanks for the quick response!

I worked around by modifying my preset generation code to only specify colors from the available color palette for the time being, so it’s not a blocking issue. And I definitely understand how it could be difficult to do anti-aliasing on low power device, if you also allow arbitrary color definitions. :slight_smile: