Getting list values from Ableton Live not working properly [Solved]

I’ve followed the tutorial for mapping the E1 to a VST in Ableton, but sending list values from the plugin to the E1 is not working properly for me. I’ve assigned a controller of the Arturia Mini V3 from [my preset] (Electra One App) to the range knob of OSC 1. But I can only get the value on the E1 to jump from the lowest to the highest setting or vice versa when I change the value in the plugin itself. All the values in between are skipped. Faders work fine btw.
I’m using Live 10 Lite on a Windows 10 64 bit PC.

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There are 2 ways that I know you can go about getting the values. You can use the Console app to see the values for when you change it on the VST or you can see what the value is on the fader when you change it and on your list when you change values you put those in for each on your list.

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The list jumps to the lowest value, when the the MIDI message received dos not match any of the values on the list.

As @jigdagod suggest, check what values are received by electra, either with the ElectraOne console or by using the fader.

If the plugin is sending the continuous range of values, the only thing you can do is to set up a list that covers all values and has an appropriate label for them. This is valid for firmware v1.5. The 2.0beta and higher supports more elegant solution by using the display value formatter.

Aha, so it should be the exact value of the value in the list, not any value in between two list values?

That is correct. Exact match is required.I was thinking about adding a support for ranges. It seemed to be be a little bit more tricky than it might look at first. So I decided to provide Lua function call for it. It is available in beta release. If you wanted to use it for regular preset, I would suggest to wait a little bit.