DrivenByMoss for Bitwig and Reaper

DrivenDrivenByMoss 19.2 is out with lots of goodies for the Electra One!

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  • Requires Firmware 3.1!
  • New: Labels for parameter values are now set.
  • New: Knob touch states are now available which allows smoother value updates and automation touch mode to work.
  • New: Play position and tempo can now be changed with knobs.
  • New: Replaced Cue Volume with Play Position on all pages. Cue Volume is now available on the Transport page.
  • New: Added a Session mode for launching scenes/clips and more.
  • New: Quick navigation between pages by touching 3 knobs (see the manual).
  • New: Jump to a specific Electra One synthesizer preset for editing the plugin in focus. The preset must have the same name as the preset.



Yeah @moss, so cool that you are digging the Electra and inspire new ways of using it with Bitwig!

The knob touch gestures are an awesome way to access more functions fast - like special moves with a game controller :partying_face: A shift gesture for tiny (14bit) volume and pan movements would also be great. Maybe Martin will open up the hardware knobs for other functions in the next firmware.

@martin It would be cool to have per page (or preset) settings for the visual row indicator. I like the dim variant on pages, but with the moss preset pages they make less sense. The same goes for activating screen buttons via touch when switching via touch in an inactive row. This could be deactivated for the dim mode, so you don’t have to care where you touch in the row for switching…

Great stuff!


The “normal” knobs will be improved as soon as there is a new relative knob element (or as an option for the existing fader element.


Is this relative CC already documented somewhere? (@Martin)


@jhh, I have not added it to the official docs as it is not 100% finished. Right now, there is this special “relative” control type. This will be extended so that the relative CC can be used as a message type for other controls (such as faders, lists). Of course, for these, it will be responsibility of the host software (remote script, app, whatever) to set the absolute value and text value for that control upon receipt of the relative message.

This is what is supported now:

control.type = "relative"
control.value.message.type = "relcc"
control.value.message.signMode = ["twosComplement", "signBit", "signBit2", "binOffset" ]

the sign mode is much inspired by Renoise implementation. ie.


Even though Electra internally has information about the relative speed (rate) of change, +1/-1 increments are sent only now. This will be also improved in the upcoming version.

Pls let me know if this helps.


Great work! I like it.

I had to stay away from the work recently. Things are better now so I am going to finalize my work on 3.2 as well as I will review your emails / github issues. I am sorry for the delay.


Here is a little hotfix 19.2.1:

  • New: The last active mode is restored when returning from a different preset.
  • Fixed: Values were still set in other presets when changes appear in the DAW.
  • Fixed: Mode did not update the values when jumping back from a different preset.

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Thanks to @martin , the issue with the missing Track headers is resolved. Somehow the LUA function got lost in the template. Until the next DrivenByMoss release, here is the fixed version:


Hi @moss, why not to share the Bitwig preset on the I think it would make it easier for users to use it. Just my two cents…

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Yeah, was thinking about it. But not fully sure about version tracking. I think it is easier to store them with the related software version in case people use older versions.

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the web app supports simple scheme for versions. ie. one preset may have multiple annotated versions.

I think it is wise to keep the .eproj file in your distribution. But this extra bit would make the Bitwig preset would allow users to work with it as with other presets.

In your workflow, you would just import your eproj file as a new revision to the preset and added an annotation.

FWIW the first thing I’m going to do with my E1 would probably work better with relative control-change messages, so consider this another vote for that feature.

Also, since we’re in the appropriate topic, it was @moss who introduced me to the E1 in the first place via his demonstration video, so buy him a beer or something because that led to the pre-order of two mkII units. :slight_smile:


@schabtach maybe, give me and @moss a few days to finish something. It is the next thing we want to release for the bitwig extension. The idea is to make it possible to use relative control change messages with standard controls such as faders, pads, etc.


That would be fabulous, thank you. No rush, though, I still have a lot to learn and play with.


Same here! :slight_smile: I have this idea (abstract so far) about combining the E1 with a Launchpad for deep Bitwig integration, but I’m holding on the Launchpad until I get the E1 and see how far I get with it comfortably before adding another controller.

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After my first half hour or so playing with Bitwig and the E1, here’s some early feedback:

  • This is a very cool combination. Very inviting to turn knobs and play around. The workflow works and flows after spending your few minutes understanding how everything is organized. In my case I was also in my first minutes learning about the E1 workflow, but after the initial bump things startt landing into place. Thank you so much!
  • The shortcut pressing the three knobs is very convenient and easy to get used to. However, the entire knobs seem to be touch sensitive, which means that if you have your fingers in two knobs and you touch a third one accidentally, you may end up in a different screen by surprise. I’ll keep watching at this, to see whether the usability problem is resolved with awareness and practice.
  • Suggestion: a double tap on the knobs sets the value back to its default, just following what Bitwig does with the mouse. Especially convenient in pan and volume. Once you move the pan, it isn’t trivial to bring it back to exactly -50, and a double tap (equivalent to double click with the mouse) would be convenient.

Intersting idea. Noted.

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Hi Moss,
do you have any interest in using more than 8 controllers of the Electra to simultaneously control parameters of different remote control pages in Bitwig?

For instance, it would be nice to have an Electra page with 3x8 controls mapped to three remote control pages of Bitwig and maybe use the 12 remaining controls for track stuff like level, arm, sends and next 3x8 controls…

The layout could be like this (o = remote control, t = track stuff/control):

o o o o t t
o o o o t t
o o o o t t
o o o o t t
o o o o t t
o o o o t t

I found a little script discussion on KVR for mapping 16 controls to two remote pages in Bitwig, but that is of course without automatically updating the labeling or bi-directional values on the controller:

Greetings and thanks for all your work :slight_smile:

Sorry, no, since this is a very specific use-case.

Hej no problem, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: