E1 & E1 MkII pb regarding using both simultaneously

Hello ! From my recent experimentation since i received the E1 MKII i have found some inconsistancy while using both E1 :
It seems that the E1 and the E1 MKII substitute their port name .
On Ableton when both are connected the name of the ports are :
for the E1 :
Electra controller
Electra controller (port2)
Electra controller (port3)

for the E1 MK2:

Electra controller #2
Electra controller #2(port2)
Electra controller #2(port3)

Then it seems to be “different” . I thought it was their “definitive name” for my computer . but not
I seems that it “switched” their position and their name to, depending , i suppose, the order of switching the device on ? (not shure)
But it goes further .
Sadly they are the same device for Clyphx … that i use intensively . I am not shure how far it could be a good thing or bad things right now but i would prefer for shure to have 2 disctincts devices . Then i would give for each one , it’s own clyphx midi script .
Also regarding the ports on Chrome or Vivaldi , the name is electra one for both port 1 device :slight_smile: . the other port have the # or not regarding the device .It seems, it follows the same rules to give their name .
Then i would ask that . Is it possible to have 2 differents names ? like “Electra controller”, “Electra controller mk2” For example . Perhaps it does not depend of the hardware itself ? perhaps i can do it myself ? If so , Is someone know how ?

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just a quick one on this. I am not behind the computer now. mkII allows to have the ports to be renamed. Will share more on that later.



a shorter name like “Electra C MkII” would even be better, so we don’t have to widen certain screens to see the difference between the original “Electra Controller” and “Electra C Mk II”

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It seems that it’s a windows problem when working with multiple same device.
More info here : “How to distinguish between multiple identical MIDI devices?

Then regarding this post it seems that some compagny gave the option to rename the device name as a workaround .
Would it be possible for the E1 to rename it for multiple of them ?

“Certain midi devices (maybe most) would seem to anticipate the possibility of multiple units, and there is a setup option to set/define the Device Number. Usually on a range of 1 to 16 (i.e. actual setting 0 to 15). My Yamaha MU90r has such an option, within ‘All Part Control’. Other units may have it in a different place.”


We are with 3 posting in the same 10 s :slight_smile:


Sooooooooooooo goood ! thaaaannnkss !! :wink:

This also happens on the Mac. There has been much discussion on the Conductive Labs MRCC forum with people that have more than one patched into the computer.

Pete Brown of MS just did a lengthy post about the importance of iserial for usb devices which seems to be the issue here @martin.
Alternatively the iconnectivity midi interfaces allow you to rename midi ports (on Windows this will only be reflected after a reboot!)

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