First world problem - two Electras

Question - if I’m using the web app editor and happen to have more than one Electra One connected to the computer, there doesn’t appear to be a way to talk to more than one of them. I have to power one down, then power up the other.

Is it possible to be able to assign a unit ID number to an Electra One and then have the web app be able to select the current unit or is this a limitation based on the USB port naming?


work is being done on this.

At this moment allows you to pick the ports. That means that if you give the second electra a different name (in Audio Midi Setup), you can use two tabs in the browser, each connected to particular electra.

Midi Studio in Audio Midi Setup:

and then the port selection in the

Still on the todo:

  • does not remember the settings, ie. you have to pick the ports for every session.
  • I am planning to make it possible to name the ports on the controller directly and display the name in the That should make it easy to see what electra the browser is connected to. This, unfortunately, will not work on Windows. The default Midi driver ignores port names.

Please note, you can use two Electras in two tabs even if you do not use different names. In such case, the you will see duplicate entries in the list of ports and you have to pick the correct ones…

That’s not true, but the problem is that there are at least 3 different ways of naming midi ports in Windows.

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I meant that the windows driver does not use the port names provided by the USB descriptor of the controller. @markus.schloesser would you share info how to set the port names on the windows with us? Thanks!